Blizzard: We Now Have Many of Our Best Developers Now Working on New Mobile Titles Across All Our IPs

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In case you didn’t know, Blizzard announced a new Diablo game at this year’s BlizzCon, but it’s not Diablo 4, but rather, a new mobile game titled “Diablo Immortal.” Understandably, a lot of gamers were upset (make that every upset), given that this wasn’t a proper Diablo game — at least one playable on PC and consoles.

If you think Blizzard is changing paths anytime soon in terms of mobile games, think again! It seems this is but the start for the studio. In a new video interview, Blizzard answers a few questions, and even states that over the last few years, many of the studio’s developers have shifted from playing on PC, to playing on mobile. and that the studio has “many” of their best developers working on new mobile titles.

In terms of Blizzard’s approach to mobile gaming, many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile. And we have many of our best developers now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs. Some of them are with external partners, like Diablo Immortal. Many of them are being developed internally only. And we’ll have information to share on those in the future. I will say also that we have more new products in development today at Blizzard than we’ve ever had in our history, and our future is very bright.

Is this an outright confirmation that Blizzard is shifting from PC to mobile gaming? Probably not. But don’t be surprised if we see more familiar Blizzard IP go the mobile route soon.

Are you OK with this news given almost everyone in the world has a tablet or smartphone now? Or should Blizzard stick to core games?

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6 thoughts on “Blizzard: We Now Have Many of Our Best Developers Now Working on New Mobile Titles Across All Our IPs

  1. thats just where the money is now.companies are going to do what they are going to do to make money and they dont care what people think.

    1. They lost me as a customer so they are also losing a shit ton of money from the Diablo fans. Path of Exile is coming to PS4 so Blizzard just royally fucked up…I’ll be putting a lot of money into POE which would have gone to Blizzard if they weren’t selling out their fans.

  2. Wauw. I mean I am not a big Blizzard fan anyway but how much further can you misinterpret your audience? Did they not see the backlash Diablo Mobile already got? Are you trying to compete with Konami to be the company that understands their fanbase the least?

  3. You know mobile games suck and everything but what if they actually developed the game to the point where it was actually good. Possible? Or will they just saturate it in microtransaction bs. Who am I kidding. The latter is far more likely.
    Would love to be wrong though.

  4. You guys are fucking up bad…Path of Exile will be getting my support from now on since they know what the fuck Diablo fans want…

  5. Iwata warned us years ago that nickel and diming consumers with low cost, high profit mobile garbage would damage quality gaming when MTX-packed game profits began challenging Nintendo’s portables. He also warned us that low quality games would flood the market as that started to happen. He has been correct.

    People scoffed that this was just Nintendo’s PR attempt to protect their products. In a sense it absolutely 100% was (for the betterment of gaming) and also held a lot of industry insight and truth coming in as the company that reintroduced home gaming with the NES from the previous gaming 80s crash. People easily forget that Nintendo witnessed cheap quality flooding the market before.

    As soon as Apple unleashed in-app purchases on the world, that opened Pandora’s box. However every low quality moneymaker bursts.

    What’s funny is that Philip K Dick predicted microtransactions in his books.

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