More Ranked Playlists Coming In Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s April Update

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s next content patch, set to launch some time in April, is finally updating multiplayer with more ranked playlists and and other improvements.

“We’ll provide more about what’s included as we get closer to the release of the CU,” wrote 343 Industries Community Manager Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky. But in addition to more ranked playlists, the update will also introduce new in-game penalties to cut down on the quit rate and betrayals.

Meanwhile, team size for the Halo: CE playlist were adjusted earlier today, changing the limit from 2-3 players to strictly 2 players with additional tweaks being made to other existing and upcoming playlists before the next content patch. SWAT and Team Snipers will also make a return in the near future.

Source: Halo