Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time Upcoming Changes Outlined by NetherRealm

mortal kombat 11 towers of time upcoming changes

If you’re having a hard time (heh!) with Mortal Kombat 11’s Towers of Time, you’re in for some good news! At yesterday’s Kombat Kast for Mortal Kombat 11, NetherRealm Studios has addressed a few key issues players have with the mode, which are mainly about the difficulty and the rewards. Thankfully, the studio revealed a lot of info regarding the Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time upcoming changes.

Here’s the summary of what was discussed (via Reddit):

  • At launch, the difficulty in the Towers of Time was too high, and people felt it was unfair. And unfortunately, that made the process of earning rewards through the Krypt seem punishingly slow.
  • The game was never designed to encourage in-game purchases. NetherRealm doesn’t make games that way. We do not artificially drive people towards in-game purchases.
  • The difficulty of the AI and the aggressiveness of the modifiers in Towers of Time was tuned too high. We’re aware of it and we’ve already taken steps to fix that.
  • Through a server update, we’ve reduced AI maximum health and adjusted the frequency and cooldowns of many modifiers. In addition we’ve made many unblockable modifiers blockable.
  • We are also working on a patch as quickly as we can to address several other factors, including increasing currency rewards and tweaking other modifier values that couldn’t be addressed in our tweakvar update. We’re shooting to have the patch out this week, early next week at the latest.
  • There are some things in Towers that are meant to be very challenging. We are trying to cater to many different types of players. Right now, everything is too challenging, and that wasn’t the intention.
  • As for the store, we want to stress that none of the in-game currencies (Hearts, Souls, Koins) are for sale. You also cannot buy Konsumables or Augments. You cannot purchase anything that impacts gameplay at all. Only cosmetics (including Easy Fatalities), and Time Krystals are available in the store.
  • Also, there is some speculation that Krypt rewards are random. They are not. There are over 600 chests in the Krypt, and they are ALL hand-crafted with specific rewards. Every player has the same chests. The only “randomness” is where each chest is placed for each player. This was done to ensure that each player would have a unique discovery experience.

NetherRealm is also issuing a gift to all players with a bundle of in-game kurrency! According to the studio, this will allow players to have the experience they “always intended.” This gift is something to tide players over while the studio re-jigs the system to bring it more in line with their vision.

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