Rumor – Mortal Kombat Creator Counting Down To June 2 For Announcement

With E3 just a month away, you can be sure that wild speculation and rumors are bound to pop up with regards to what games and announcements we might see and hear at the expo.

However, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon isn’t waiting for E3 to break any news. It appears that he’s counting down to different date. Check out his cryptic Tweets:

For those who don’t feel like rattling their brains to figuring out the answer, it’s 29 and 28, respectively, likely indicating some sort of count down with each passing day. We conclude the final date to be June 2, when Boon might just make some sort of announcement.

In addition, the voice actor for Kitana and Mileena, Karen Stassman, has recently updated her resume, adding Mortal Kombat 2 to her long list of voice overs. Also, reports of a new Mortal Kombat in the works isn’t exactly surprising, given that Kiefer Sutherland recently outed that he did some voice over work for it a few months ago.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a case of Ed Boon trolling his fans, which he is infamously known for throughout the MK community.

What characters and features would you like to see in a new Mortal Kombat game?

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