Mortal Kombat X Kitana and Reptile Highlights From Latest Stream, Next Stream To Be ‘Brutal’

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With the latest Kombat Kast now concluded, Kitana and Reptile fans have something to rejoice over. For the first time since their initial reveals back in January, NetherRealm Studios is ready to talk about both characters and go into great details for both of their variations and more.

But before I actually get into the variants for each characters, Jade has now been officially de-confirmed as a playable character during the Kombat Kast stream. Now, with that out of the way here’s everything you need to know about Kitana and Reptile’s variations.


  • Assassin – More rush down orientated. Able to sharpen her knives to deal more damage with any fan based attacks and gains the ability to parry melee attack.
  • Royal Storm – More zoning tools such as her fan lift, reaching full screen and being able to deflect projectile attacks back.
  • Mournful – Uses Jade’s Glaive and Staff special attacks.


  • Deceptive – Gains various levels of invisibility, depending how long you hold the button down for.
  • Noxious – Covers Reptile in a aura similar to Solomon Grundy from Injustice: Gods Among Us that deals damage over time if the opponent gets too close. A meter burn version deals even further damage.
  • Nimble – Reptile is now able to slow down his opponents much like Flash’s trait from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Can create some interesting combos.

Elsewhere during the stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed some pretty interesting concept art for both characters that you can check out on their Tumblr page. You’ll also find alternative costumes for Kitana and Reptile. It appears that Reptile will be using his MKX comic book tie-in as an alternative costume.

Outside from that a new level called “Cross Roads” was also showcased, which seems to take place in the Nether Realm judging from the environment, and and pictures a pretty neat structure that’s associated with a ‘certain’ fallen elder god.

Before the stream officially concluded, Tyler Lansdown, community specialist for NetherRealm Studios, hinted that the next Kombat Kast stream would will a bit “brutal”. Seeing how brutalities have been recently confirmed to be in the game, there’s a good chance that we will finally see them in the next stream, which is said to happen “very soon”.

It also appears that a new character will be unveiled in the next stream, which may be none other than Goro who finally showed up in the character selection screen for the first time since he was officially revealed as a pre-order bonus back in September.

Speaking of additional content, Shaun Himmerick, executive producer for MKX, also revealed that the game will be receiving the first of five costume packs as soon as the game launches.

Finally, you can catch a few video highlights of the stream below, including new intros and Fatalities for Kitana and Reptile, courtesy of GamesHQMedia and Maximilian Dood.

Mortal Kombat X will be released on April 14, for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.