MP1st Podcast Lock-On Episode 1 – Big PS5 Event, Cross-Gen and Pre-Order Reactions

The MP1st shoot crew shares their thoughts about Sony’s big PS5 event where the company revealed new games, price, and release date followed by thoughts of the post-show aftermath.

Editor note: Because of some audio issues we had to cut the staff introductions near the start of the podcast.

For those who  have been with us since the very beginning, you will notice that we have rebranded our old podcast from MPTalk to Lock-On. It’s been quite a while since we last did a podcast here on the site (over two years,) and while it may feature a different name and a new set of staff, just know that we are still aiming for the same great quality with the great talks as our original podcasts. Welcome to our first of hopefully many episodes of MP1st Lock-On Podcast.

This first episode is solely focused on the recent PS5 event that took place last week. Our staff, while impressed with some of the content shown during the event, have some major reactions that they couldn’t wait to get off their chests. We also take a dive into the surprise pre-orders that went live once the show had finished airing.

Again, please let us know if there are any improvements we need made to out podcast or other suggestions. If not, be on the watch on our podcast page for MP1st for any new podcasts!

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