MP1st Straight Shooting: 2021 and Beyond – Letters From the Editor


It’s another year wrapped up, folks! 2021 is ending, and same as 2020, it’s been quite a challenging year with the pandemic still gripping people in fear, and affecting our lives. We here at MP1st are affected as well, though that hasn’t stopped us from sharing some of the triumphs we’ve experienced this year.

As some might not know, I started doing MP1st full-time just last year (2020). Before that, it was more of a side gig to my other video game-related job. I took the plunge last year, and so far, there are no regrets. This 2021, the site has seen amazing growth, tons of upside, and just flattened my expectations. We interviewed a lot of studios this year, played a lot of games early for previews, broke news stories, and more! And we couldn’t have done any of that without you, our readers.

Regardless if you saw the site from a Reddit thread, a forum post, on social media, or elsewhere, please accept my sincere thank you for being part of the site. Even those who comment nasty things about certain games, I appreciate your honesty and level of interaction with everyone else.

What’s in store for 2022? More of the same but better! We are ramping up our output overall, we’ll be focusing on more guides, more interviews and features.Expect more giveaways, new voices to be heard on the site, and a bigger focus on not such AAA games, but everthing else, too. We want to blow 2021 away both in terms of numbers (viewership), and in terms of content. We’re hoping that you, and everyone else who manages to stumble upon this, are in for the ride as well.

If you have comments, suggestions or anything else in mind, send me an email (alex at mp1st dot com) or a tweet, or leave a comment below. I promise, your voice will be heard. I’m aiming for more of these “Straight Shooting” segments to be part of the site, so that other staff members (outside of me, the Editor-in-Chief) will connect to our readers.

Here’s to pandemic-free 2022, everyone! Happy New Year!

Alex Co, MP1st Editor-in-Chief

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