MW3 Didn’t Copy BF3, What Brings Fans Back to CoD, and more – Sledgehammer Games On MW3

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For those of you who think that only Infinity Ward and Treyarch work on the Call of Duty franchise, you should know that Sledgehammer Games are developing Modern Warfare 3 side by side with Infinity Ward. Today, we have found some interesting things that Glen Scholfield and Michael Condrey, the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games, said about Modern Warfare 3.

When a fan claimed that Modern Warfare 3 is copying Battlefield 3, Scholfield answered “We (the people behind MW3) haven’t copied BF3 at all. No need to and never seen much of it. We’re making the sequal to MW2, that’s what we look at.” Of course, MP1st’s loyal readers might recall that Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has only played about an hour of Battlefield 3 and loved it.

On another note, in a recent interview with NowGamer, when asked about the competition with the Battlefield 3, Condrey explained that he shares Eric Hirshberg’s thoughts, which you can find here. He went on to  shed some light on what brings gamers back to Call of Duty by stating“It (Call of Duty) is fun, it’s fast, it’s 60 frames per second.” He explained “what 60 fps mean is it feels smooth, you’re in the action right away.” He ended his point with “I think that’s what’s been bringing fans back time and time again to Call of Duty.”

When asked, on twitter, on whether the premium Elite service has anything to do with Dedicated servers on PC. Condrey reassured that “(dedicated servers are) free to all PC. Independent of Elite.” 

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