MW3 Spec Ops and The Importance of Self-Revive

As many of you know, Spec Ops is returning to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but this time with a bit of a twist. On top of the classic style missions that we got in MW2, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are now adding a Survival mode which should have many gamers clinging to dear life while fending off heavily armoured juggernauts and viscous, exploding attack dogs. Seeing the amount of popularity surrounding Treyarch’s Zombie mode in World at War and Black Ops, chances are good that MW3’s Survival mode could take off to reach the same levels of awesomeness.

If you’re dying to know more about this new mode (come on, who cares about the multiplayer?), Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, has been answering many questions on his Twitter account lately.

First off, it would probably be good to know that “you can play any mode of spec-ops in online, offline, solo, and 2-player co-op,” Bowling mentioned to one fan. It might also be worth mentioning that Spec Ops is for two players and two players only.

How did you enjoy playing Treyarch’s Zombies? Online, or split-screen with your pals?

Treyarch’s Zombies was known for being very unforgiving, especially in the higher rounds (damn those runners and ghastly crawlers!). It seems IW/SG wants to keep the difficulty level rather high in their iteration as well. In fact, Bowling received a few requests to tone down the difficulty by asking developers to not end the game when a player fails to revive his/her partner. To this he replied, “Thats not very challenging. Survival is all about actually surviving.” However, he did add, “…unless they have a self revive left.” It looks like you will have to keep an eye on your partner and really work as a team if you want achieve greatness in Survival.

Speaking of self revive, a new addition to the perk system in Survival, Bowling gives some pro tips in order to survive those later waves: “Self Revive is the most essential thing you can buy in the later rounds. I spend all my money on that later on.”

What’s going to be your strategy to survive in MW3’s new Spec Ops mode?

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12 years ago

I’m a complete sucker for “grinder” and survival mode co-op. I’ll be there week 1, and will probably becomes intimately familiar with the self-revive, haha.

Reply to  David Veselka
12 years ago

For sure. It’s a man-date.

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