Nacon Revolution X Controller Now Available in North America

Nacon Revolution X

Following its successful launch in European territories, Nacon has announced that they will be releasing the Revolution X controller in North America for $99.99. The controller is fully compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, as well as PC, and it is now available at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop and Amazon.

Check out a trailer for the Nacon Revolution X and a list of its features:

  • Designed for Xbox®: Officially licensed controller for use with Xbox® Series X|S, Xbox® One and Windows® PC, ensures total compatibility with all Xbox software.
  • Revolution X Companion App: Unleash the incredible power of the controller via a free App allowing for custom game profiles, button mapping, shortcut programming and so much more.
  • Controller Customisation: Swap up your style and create the feel right for you. Adjust controller weight, thumb stick sensitivity, adaptable precision, etc.
  • Engineering Excellence: Interchangeable components are built to last and designed to win. Wired connection for stable gaming during tournament play and premium materials for unrivalled reliability.
  • Dolby® Atmos™ for Headphones: Use your Revolution X controller and Dolby® Atmos™ free App to deliver incredible spatial audio using a regular stereo headset. Further enhance via the Revolution X controller companion App for a suite of audio adjustment options.

Check out more of the Revolution X controller here. On the development side of things, Nacon has recently established a Studio Milan that is currently developing a survival game “based on a popular film franchise.” You can read more about it here.

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