Naughty Dog Is Hiring Multiplayer Designers, Gameplay Programmers & More

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Fancy working for the legendary Naughty Dog, helping to make the best gaming experiences around? Well, if you’re an experienced game developer, read down to see the list of open positions for September 2017.

If you’re not an experienced game developer, fret not, for there’s some interesting information to be inferred from the job listings. Take a look:

With Naughty Dog having finished up with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, it’s now full steam ahead on The Last of Us Part II. Could these job listings be for that game? The original had a cracking player versus player component, so maybe the new game designers will be helping to make The Last of Us Part II multiplayer great. “Multiplayer Layout” and “Multiplayer Systems” stand out to me!

Of course, the tweet does say “on the next Naughty Dog” game, so that may be pointing to a completely new title. Could Naughty Dog be grinding out another Uncharted spin-off, or maybe even a new IP?

What would you like to see Naughty Dog make next?

Source: Naughty Dog (Twitter) via Reddit