NBA 2K18 Update Shoots Out, Might Not Be What You’re Expecting

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Visual Concepts has released a new NBA 2K18 update just now (1.09), and it’s not full of tweaks and fixes, nope. It’s just for the NBA 2K League, which might be of a downer for some of us.

Clocking in at a hefty 5.7GB, the patch is for the NBA 2K League Combine. Those not familiar what the “Combine” is, here’s the official description (via Wikipedia):

The NBA Draft Combine is a multi-day showcase that takes place every May before the annual June NBA draft. At the combine, college basketball players receive measurements, participate in interviews, undergo shooting drills, take medical tests, go through five-on-five drills and perform various athletic tests in front of National Basketball Association (NBA) coaches, general managers, and scouts. Athletes attend by invitation only. An athlete’s performance during the combine can affect perception, draft status, salary, and ultimately the player’s career.

The athletic tests include a standing vertical jump, maximum vertical jump, bench press, three-quarter-court sprint time, lane agility time, and modified event time.[1][2] Physical measurements include height with shoes, height without shoes, wingspan, weight, standing reach, body fat, hand length, and hand width.[3] The shooting tests include spot-up three-point field goals from various distances (high school, college, and NBA) depending upon position, shooting off the dribble, and timed jump shots on the move.[4] Although the NBA Draft Combine is the largest pre-draft gathering for testing and drills, international players can attend a separate Eurocamp at a later date.[5] Parts of the combine are televised on ESPNU and ESPN2.[5]

It’s a big deal for rookies not in the top 10 in real life, though we can’t say for sure how it is in the game. Of course, it is annoying to have to download this mandatory patch even if you’re not interested in joining the NBA 2K League or any of its activities, but what can we do?

If we see official patch notes, or see any changes, we’ll update the post.