NBA 2K21 Update 1.09 March 10 Slams Out (Update)

NBA 2K21 Update 1.09 March 10

While we just got out of the NBA All Star weekend, Visual Concepts has just released the unannounced NBA 2K21 update 1.09 March 10 patch that’s live now on current-gen, though not on PS5 as far as we’re aware. This clocks in at a huge 20GB, so don’t be shocked to see your HDD pushed. Head on down for the changes.

NBA 2K21 Update 1.09 March 10 Patch Notes:

Update: Visual Concepts has finally released the official patch notes for what it calls “NBA 2K21 Update #7” which we’ve listed down below:


  • 2K Foundation Inspired court at 2K Beach along with new seasonal decorations.
  • Updated another set of player likeness for current NBA players.


  • Addressed a rare issue with Dark Matter player cards not displaying the player reveal during pack openings
  • Addressed an audio issue with Dark Matter card animations
  • Addressed a name display issue for some playbook cards
  • Additional various preparations for upcoming additions to MyTEAM

*Update is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4; will roll out to additional platforms at a later date

Per the PS4 update history:

  • Improved the stability of the title in addition to a number of general improvements to the user experience.]]>

So far, Visual Concepts has not released any patch notes for today’s patch. The studio did release a server-side player ratings update before the All Star Weekend, though that didn’t come with any gameplay-related changes. Usually, the studio releases the patch notes within the day, so we’ll be sure to update the post once that’s made public.

Here’s the latest changes for MyTeam Season 5 which was rolled out on March 6 “Age of Heroes“:

The top tier of NBA 2K21’s MyTEAM has arrived, Dark Matter! Featured in the new Pantheon: All-Star packs, the one and only Michael Jordan and NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete Zion Williamson are the first-ever Dark Matter player cards in MyTEAM!

Both the Pantheon: All-Star and Hero versions of these Dark Matter players usher in the highest tier of power you will see in MyTEAM. MJ & Zion are forces to be reckoned with on the MyTEAM courts.

The appearance of these Dark Matter cards raised a very important question though… if Dark Matter Zion and MJ are a part of the Modern Age and Golden Age collections… then what are the rewards for completing these collections?!

First, for Season 5: Age of Heroes, special drawn versions of NBA players have been added throughout MyTEAM to collect each week, and earn via Agenda Groups. Split into the Golden Age for our Heroes of the past, and the Modern Age for current Heroes of the hardwood, these 30 players form an interconnected mural that only YOU can complete.

If you spot any gameplay-related changes, let us know what you see and share ’em down in the comments.

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