Neverwinter Dragonslayer Release Date Slated for June; Trailer Revealed

Neverwinter Dragonslayer

Arc Games has annouunced that the Neverwinter Dragonslayer release date, the 23rd module expansion in the long-running MMO, is set for sometime this June! Alongside this announcement comes an official trailer, and you can check it out plus more details on the upcoming expansion below.

For the first time ever in Neverwinter, the new module Dragonslayer will allow players to experience a new Dragon Hunt system that lets them become one of Smeriduk Dragonbone’s mighty dragonslayers to counterattack dragons in their very lairs. The new system will feature the option of battling various chromatic dragons – from icy White Dragons to cunning Black Dragons – of different ages (Young, Adult, Ancient) with each dragon type presenting its own unique set of challenges to overcome, lairs to explore and rewards to acquire. The upcoming update will also bring a complete revamp of Neverwinter’s dragons, giving these deadly creatures all-new attacks, spells and the ability to take to the skies. Longtime veteran players and new players can also look forward to a major update for the beloved “Temple of Tiamat” Trial as the new version will feature new mechanics and challenges, along with Normal and Master difficulty options.

Neverwinter Dragonslayer is coming to consoles and PC sometime this June. Keep up to date with the latest on Neverwinter’s patches, updates, and more by staying tuned here at MP1st!

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2 years ago

NO content MOD with them removing and releasing as new the oldest trial in the game!!!! They are also bringing back the Dragons that was removed a little over a year ago!! Game has dropped players in very large numbers. I play it but i hope that one day the devs wills top listening to their PRIVATE(insider trading) preview friends . That abuse the fact they have the devs ears to get what they want instead of what the game needs. Maybe one day someone will be brave enough to turn it around!!! Allowing a small number of players to abuse regular players with the info they get months before other players do is wrong and the DEVS need to stop it and not enable it!!!

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