Neverwinter Update 10.08 Out for Challenge of the Gods Changes This March 22

neverwinter update 10.08

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 10.08 patch today, and this one is for changes to Challenge of the Gods, in addition to the usual fixes and stability improvements! Check out the full Neverwinter March 22 update patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 10.08 Patch Notes | Neverwinter March 22 Update Patch Notes:


April Fowls

  • Various issues that would have been new to this year’s run have been addressed.

Challenge of the Gods

  • Challenges of the Gods no longer drop while on queued maps.
    • They can still drop during instanced maps, however, and quests on instanced maps still override the quest tracker. For now, players will still have to open the journal while in instanced maps to check the goal of a Challenge.
  • The merchant associated with the Coins of Waukeen event now spawns in the Moonstone Mask during the Challenge of the Gods event as well, as the Blessed Gift of the Gods contains Coins of Waukeen.
    • Please note that there is not a “last chance” period for Challenge of the Gods, so unspent coins will not be usable until the next run of either Challenge of the Gods or Coins of Waukeen.
  • Various tooltips have been updated to properly remove mentions of Enchantments.

Content and Environment


  • Spellplague Caverns is now classified as an Epic Dungeon, and is no longer one of the potential results in the Random: Dungeon Queue.
    • It can now be randomly selected in Random: Advanced Dungeon Queue.
    • It follows the same queue rules as all other Epic Dungeons.

Crown of Keldegonn

  • A certain gap in collision has been closed.

Combat and Powers

Mount Powers

  • Legendary Carpet of Flying
    • Mount Power (Vortex): Fixed an issue where only the first tick of damage was occuring, resulting in ~17% of intended damage.
    • Mount Power (Vortex): Significantly increased the magnitude of the pull force.

Items and Economy


  • All old enchantments and runestones which are no longer equippable have had their names and descriptions updated to reflect those changes.
  • Mount insignias earned before the launch of Dragonbone Vale no longer have a chance to have different internal values than new mount insignias, causing them to no longer be able to stack in bags.


  • Seals of the North granted from the Crown of Keldegonn (Master) Treasure Chests should now respect the weekly cap and start granting Seals of the Wild when the weekly cap is met.

User Interface

Zen Market

  • The rotating Zen Market banner no longer shows an ad for “New Bard Transmutes are available!” or the Bard’s Entourage Pack. (The purchases themselves are still available for now.)

Performance and Stability


  • A server crash in the powers system has been addressed.



  • All text localization for all locales should now be current as of March 15, 2022.

That’s it for the patch. Stay tuned at MP1st for the latest patch notes for Neverwinter once they come out.

Source: Arc Games

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