Neverwinter Update 8.01 August 6 Brings Adjustments and More

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Cryptic Studios has earlier pushed the button for Neverwinter maintenance on all platforms, and have also released a new game update on consoles! The Neverwinter update 8.01 August 6 patch notes can be seen below and apply to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Neverwinter Update 8.01 August 6 patch notes:

Content and Environment

Avernus: Blood War

  • Quest credit for Infernal Wager (Demon) and Infernal Wager (Devil) is now consistently granted to participating players.
  • The system has been adjusted in the following ways:
    • The Blood War is no longer a server-wide mechanic. The war will now vary from instance to instance.
    • The longer it takes either faction to win the Blood War on a single instance, the more slaying enemies will contribute to the score.
    • As a result, the Blood War should no longer occasionally become stuck.
  • The hit points of Garyx the Unforgivable and Siegebreaker Mog’dorath have been increased.
  • The waypoint for Siegebreaker Mog’dorath has been corrected.

Combat and Powers

Healing Adjustments

  • The following changes have been made to the mechanics “Mark of Divinity,” “Aura of Divinity,” and “Lifemark.”
    • The range of these abilities has been increased to 120.
    • The marks granted by these abilities no longer disappear if the target moves out of range.
  • The following changes have been made to the mechanics “Light of Divinity,” “Hand of Divinity,” and “Lifepact.”
    • The range of these abilities has been increased to 120.
    • The tooltips for these abilities now clearly indicate that if no target is marked, or if the marked target is out of range, the ability will heal the caster. (This functionality has not been changed, it has only been added to the tooltip.)

Enemies and Encounters

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • Golems after the Bore Worm should no longer have a chance to be invisible and untargetable.

Zariel’s Challenge

  • Zariel should no longer be able to get into a state where her movement speed is reduced.

Items and Economy

Avernus Treasure Maps

  • The drop rate of treasure maps has been increased, and can now drop from weaker enemies.
  • The drop rate of weapons from treasure map rewards has been increased.
  • Treasure map rewards no longer have a chance to fail to give gear when they should. Gear granted by these rewards should now consistently be for the class of the player who loots them.

Rage of Bel

  • The Dented Rod now has a significantly higher chance to drop.


  • Defender of Neverwinter Supplies: The items in this pack are no longer marked as Unique, which should allow the pack to open / be claimed if the player had all of the appropriate items.
  • The Infernal War Machine can no longer be applied to the same character multiple times

User Interface

Tower of Augmentation

  • Backing out of menus no longer causes unavailable options to appear as potential selections.

Visual Effects


  • AoE indicators for Black Dragon attacks no longer linger after the dragon’s death.

The big Avernus content drop was released last week on consoles, which you can read about here.

Source: ArcGames