Neverwinter Update 8.42 December 8 Rolled Out for Consoles

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Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 8.42 December 8 patch for consoles (PS4, XB1) and it’s out now. While there’s no new content, there are quite a number of fixes and gameplay improvements included, which you can read up on below.

Neverwinter Update 8.42 December 8 Patch Notes:

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Achievements: Players who have turned in the quest The Teachings of Zerthimon, but did not receive the in-game achievement Zerthimon Reconciled, should receive completion with no further action needed.
  • Dungeon: Pirate King’s Lair: The issue preventing completion of this dungeon should be addressed.
  • Dungeons (Hardcore Mode): The achievement Hardcore Dungeoneer should now be completable for all affected dungeons.
  • Undermountain Expeditions: There is one corridor where players can sometimes become stuck in combat. The door at the end of that corridor can now be interacted with even while in combat, so that players are no longer prevented from progressing if that issue occurs.

Items and Economy


  • A few typos have been addressed.


  • Boots of Misty Step once again properly provides a 3000 Magnitude version of Tunnel Vision at Mythic rank, up from 1200.

Redeemed Citadel

  • It is now possible to upgrade equipment with armor kits attached at the forge. The forge will now return any armor kits or enchantments in an item used at the forge, rather than prompting with an error message.

Reward Claims Agent

  • For players on the Russian PC shard only: Due to an issue in which players could unlock the Aasimar race without properly receiving a Race Reroll Token, we’ve added a new coupon to the Reward Claims Agent.
    • All players on the Russian PC shard who unlocked the Aasimar race will be able to claim a coupon for 100% off a Race Reroll Token. This is valid even for players who properly received a token after claiming the Aasimar race unlock.
    • This coupon is available starting 2020-12-09 at 05:00 MSK.
    • The coupon will no longer be available after 2020-12-23 at 05:00 MSK.
    • Known issue: The coupon will not disappear immediately after claim, but will correctly prevent multiple claims.


  • Shards of Empowerment and Shards of Greater Empowerment are now picked up immediately when the player walks over them.

Zen Market

  • Celestial Wings can now be reclaimed on a character who had previously purchased or claimed them, then deleted them or sent them to another character.
  • Companion Player Bonus Slot: This purchase has been removed from the Zen Market, as it no longer does anything useful with the current companion design.

User Interface


  • Slotted insignias now have a context menu “Refine…” option.

Art, Audio, and Animation

Character Art

  • A few invisible items have been made visible.
  • Cosmetic headgear awarded by Redeemed Citadel progression now properly displays on dragonborn characters.

Visual Effects

  • Holy Vorpal Enchantment: This enchantment no longer incorrectly has haloes at lower ranks, which would make it appear to downgrade in visual intensity as it increased in rank.



  • Locations labels on the Overworld Map should no longer be scrambled.

If we spot any other changes or future content that’s set for release, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: ArcGames