Neverwinter Update 8.43 December 15 Now Live for Consoles

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Cryptic Studios has released a new Neverwinter patch on PS4 and Xbox One! The Neverwinter update 8.43 December 15 patch brings a small number of fixes and gameplay-related changes.

Neverwinter Update 8.43 December 15 Patch Notes:

Release Notes

Items and Economy


  • Rage of Bel rings are no longer unique, so should be retrievable from mail, auctions, etc. once more. They now more directly state in their tooltip that only one can be equipped at a time.
    • Known issue: There’s currently a typo stating that players can only wear “on” at a time.

Art, Audio, and Animation


  • The Siege Bear combat power’s animation, FX, and damage dealt should now more closely synchronize.

Character Art

  • Certain Divine Raid items now properly display, instead of just being invisible.
  • Divine armor from the Redeemed Citadel should have fewer clipping issues.
  • More missing visuals for Dragonborn characters have been added, mostly focusing on Redeemed Citadel rewards.

Once we get wind of the next Neverwinter patch, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: ArcGames