Neverwinter Update 8.52 February 11 Slashes Out for Crashing Issues

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Cryptic Studios has just released a title update for Neverwinter on consoles! The Neverwinter update 8.52 February 11 patch is out for both PS4 and Xbox One, and is primarily to fix crashing issues that has affected players in different situations.

Neverwinter Update 8.52 February 11 Patch Notes:


The goal of this patch is to address a set of crashes that affected players in a wide variety of circumstances. This patch should fix the game crashing / closing unexpectedly in the following circumstances:

  • The game loads specific objects in certain specific maps.
  • The game loads visual effects from a specific set of enemy powers and abilities, e.g. certain ground-targeted warning effects for Frost Giant Runecasters.
  • The game loads visual effects from a specific set of player powers in PvP.

Our hope is that this will drastically lower the frequency of crashes experienced by players. We will monitor the crash rate after this patch in case there is more we need to address.

Note: We will be turning on the temporarily removed dungeon and trial queues once maintenance is complete.

Other Changes

Enemies and Encounters


  • Batiri Shaman enemies should now die as quickly as other, similar-difficulty enemies.

User Interface

Character Sheet

  • The tooltips for the new stats, introduced by the Combat Rework, are now as wide as other similar tooltips.

That’s about it. Hopefully, this mitigates any crashing issues from happening further.

Source: Arc Games