Neverwinter Update 9.03 April 8 Released, Here Are the Patch Notes

Neverwinter Update 9.52

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 9.03 April 8 patch on consoles! This pach includes a host of gameplay-related changes and more, whcih are listed in the patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 9.03 April 8 Patch Notes:


April Fowls

  • NEW MINI-DUNGEON! Players level 40 and above may now queue for the Sewers Most Fowl in the Events category of the queue list. Peck and scratch your way to the center of a mysterious plot… but don’t get fried!
  • Basic Bok: Roost now properly increases Double Peck’s damage.
  • Ne-crow-mancers now wear menacing-looking cowls.
  • Ring of Fowl Weather now deals an appropriate amount of damage. (Known issue: It deals an extra hit for 1 damage.)

Content and Environment


  • Keresta’s Muscle: Players should no longer become stuck on a step to retrieve Keresta’s Orders. Players already with the Orders in their inventory can now delete them.
Once there’s a new patch for the game, we’ll let our readers know.’Source: Arc Games

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