Neverwinter Update 9.60 Released for September 21

Neverwinter Update 10.05

Cryptic Studio has released the Neverwinter update 9.60 patch for consoles this September 21. This one brings more deities selectable in Character Selection, as well as the ability to swap deities that players can worship.

Neverwinter Update 9.60 Patch Notes:


More deities are now selectable in Character Selection, and characters can now swap which deity they worship with a donation of Astral Diamonds.

The Demogorgon trial is currently unavailable while it undergoes renovations.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Campaigns, Boons, and Epic Adventures: This quest name and some dialog options have been changed, as Epic Adventures no longer has a specific gameplay meaning.
  • Elemental Evil: Swords for Everyone: The environment should now have appropriate lighting.
  • Sharandar: An Explorer’s Chart node is no longer blocked by an invisible wall.
  • Sharandar: Horrors Revisited: The quest path should now be a bit less inconsistent in leading players properly through its objectives.
  • The Chasm: Quorthon no longer offers to warp players when he can’t actually do so.
  • Vellosk: Into the Wolf Den: Torches in the end section no longer have weird spinning shadows.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance


  • Forte no longer has incomplete descriptions under the Bard paragon paths.


  • Arcane Bolt and Magic Missile now grant a stack of Arcane Mastery with each attack, instead of only on the final attack of the combo.
  • Chilling Advantage now applies in a way that allows Directed Flames to properly proc. They now work together, with Rimefire Smolder able to proc every 12 seconds.
  • Chilling Cloud now adds a stack of Chill to the target with each attack. The final attack adds a stack of Chill to the target and nearby targets.
  • Fireball now casts more quickly.
  • Fireball’s cooldown has been reduced by 33%, and its magnitude has been reduced by 25%.
  • Imprisonment has been changed to Arcane Conduit. It no longer holds the target, but instead deals 200 magnitude damage and increases arcane damage by 15% for 5 seconds.
    • In the Mastery slot, it deals 225 magnitude and increases arcane damage by 20% instead.
  • Smolder’s magnitude has been increased by 100%.
  • Smoldering Recovery now grants 1.5% Action Points when used with Directed Flames.
  • Steal Time now casts more quickly, deals 260 magnitude damage, applies Slow for 4 seconds, and applies Stun for 1 second. Its recharge speed is now 13 seconds.
  • Striking Advantage: The tooltip has been updated to reflect that it only works on At-Will, Encounter, and Daily Powers, and that it has a 1-second cooldown. It has been increased to 25% chance and 100 magnitude.

Item Powers and Balance

  • Bypass Gold Ring and Gold-Plated Ring gave too many stats for their item level, and have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Creation boots no longer have an unexpectedly high item level.
  • Gambler’s Ward Ring had an incorrect stat distribution, and has been adjusted to be in line with items of similar item level.
  • Ring of the Condemned: This item’s power no longer keeps the player in combat when it procs.

Mount Insignia Bonuses

  • Survivor’s Haste: This power previously capped at 9% bonus movement speed (at 50% health missing), but didn’t say so. The description now explicitly states the cap, and the cap has been increased to 10%.

Enemies and Encounters


  • Ustilagor: Charge now deals 15% less damage.

Queued Content

  • Cragmire Crypts
    • Traven Blackdagger: Adds in the fight will no longer be scared of walking through the fire areas.
    • Traven Blackdagger will now face the target he’s throwing his bomb toward.
  • Gray Wolf Den
    • Wolf Packmates: Bite now deals 25% less damage.
    • Redgar Thunderfist and Packmaster Zayev now properly aggro and attack players who approach.
    • Packmaster Zayev: Adds can now properly spawn after a party wipe.
  • Infernal Citadel: The pit fiend boss now deals less overall damage.
  • Spellplague Caverns: Some enemies’ damage has been toned down a little.
  • Temple of the Spider
    • High Priestess Syndryth: Red Aspect of Lolth once again properly functions.
    • High Priestess Syndryth: Blue Aspect of Lolth now functions consistently.
    • High Priestess Syndryth: This boss’ HP has been reduced.

Items and Economy


  • Armor kits no longer mention a level requirement.
  • Chest of Lost Adventurers no longer incorrectly refers to level 80.
  • Fallen Dragon Fang received a typo fix.
  • Foehammer’s Favor Elixir now properly consumes on use.
  • Gear can once again be donated to the Stronghold Coffer.
  • Inactive mount collars no longer incorrectly increase Item Level.
  • Ring of Air and Ring of Darkness that were previously character-bound on characters have been fixed to be account-bound.
  • Sentinel and Gambler armor boxes are no longer incorrectly all labeled as “head” items regardless of contents.
  • Sentinel and Gambler item boxes no longer show outdated Item Level numbers.
  • The game no longer has a chance of crashing when collecting artisans from the Reward Claims Agent.
  • Tiamat’s Hoard Rewards now mention an up-to-date buff list (Defense, Deflect, Awareness, Accuracy) and no longer refer to level 70 artifact cloaks.

Bard Items

  • Delzoun Treasure Box can now be opened by Bards.
  • Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign Store and vendors now carry weapons for Bards.


  • The store for Hell Pit and Masquerade of Liars has been updated.


  • Cotton Pants are now in the Level 5-8 recipe range.

Zen Market

  • The Tyranny of Dragons campaign buyout once again properly, fully completes the campaign.

User Interface

Character Sheet

  • Companions tab: Locked Companion powers no longer incorrectly state you can purchase an early unlock.


  • If a message is older than the current year, it will show its year in the Date column.

Performance (Bard)

  • Note keybinds have been updated per player feedback. The highest note for each segment uses the up button and top face buttons, and rotating clockwise descends from there.
  • Swapping paragon paths while in Perform mode no longer hides the second quickplay slot.


  • When reporting another player or a bug, and the system detects content that would prevent the ticket from being submitted, the window will now notify the player without closing the window. (This should address issues where the report text is lost when attempting to submit the ticket.)

Character Art


  • A wide variety of appearances have been updated so they properly show on aasimar.
  • Various clipping and weighting issues have been addressed.

Performance and Stability

Performance and Visual Quality

  • Fewer issues should occur with objects loading in an incomplete state.


  • A long-standing but low-frequency crash in the rendering system has been addressed.

Source: Arc Games

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