Neverwinter Update 9.63 Released This October 19

neverwinter update 9.63

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 9.63 patch this October 19, and this includes a long list of bug fixes, and other changes. Check out the full patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 9.63 Patch Notes:



A whole lot of changes have been made to the Professions system, so we’re breaking it out into its own category at the bottom of these notes.

The Reaper’s Challenge

A new category of queue has been added: The Reaper’s Challenge. Each day provides a different queued map, with different modifiers, resulting in a variety of difficulties and experiences. Completing the daily challenge gives a currency which can be spent at the Priest of Myrkul, who has newly arrived to Protector’s Enclave. Each challenge can be completed once per day, per account, and the currency can be transferred between characters on the Shared Bank.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Miscellaneous typos have been addressed.
  • Well of Dragons:

Echoes of Prophecy

  • Discovering the Plot: Quest drop credit has been changed to allow for easier quest completion.
  • The Cultists in the Neverwinter Graveyard, Ebon Downs and Icespire Peak will now respawn 10x faster to help ease quest progression.
  • The Chasm: The portal that takes you between Scar Keep and the Jagged Approach now supports Echoes of Prophecy correctly.
  • The Lords’ Alliance Decree that asks brave adventurers to defeat Shadovar in Vellosk and Red Wizards of Thay in the Neverwinter Graveyard should now share credit across the area, easing challenges with quest completion.
  • The respawn timer on the Plaguetouched Maws in Burning Road has been reduced by 50% to ease Echoes of Prophecy quest completion.
  • Woven Disturbance: Quest drop credit has been changed to allow for easier quest completion.

Leveling Adventures

  • Ebon Downs: A skill node is no longer hovering in the Drowned King instance.
  • Icespire Peak: Rime Hound Den is now consistently called Rime Hound Den, even in the instance name.
  • Kavatos will now talk to characters that are under level 20. He wasn’t purposely ignoring you, honest!
  • The Plague Tower: There’s no longer a non-interactive treasure chest at the end of the instance.
  • Vellosk: Hunter’s Path: Some plants no longer dramatically respond to wind/physics.
  • Various minor flow and polish issues have been addressed.
  • Various references to old mechanics have been updated.


  • (Console only) The Xbox achievement and PlayStation® trophy Daily Affirmation will now complete for players who have completed the leveling quest Five Keys to Success.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Fighter: Fixed an issue where the Hacking Frenzy power found on various orcs in the game would cancel the animation for Block and Dig In.


  • Abyssal Chicken: Swarm now deals damage appropriate for its strike-and-bleed functionality. The combo previously incorrectly dealt about twice the expected damage.
  • Alchemist’s Discipline now uses the correct icon.
  • Aranea: This companion’s powers have been adjusted to improve graphical performance. There is no expected change in damage output.
  • Cold Iron Warrior: Spinning Strike and Iron Strike have been adjusted to deal damage appropriate to AoE powers.
  • Dedicated Squire: Smite now deals damage appropriate to an AoE attack, rather than single-target.
  • Dedicated Squire: Smite no longer mentions poison and acid.
  • Displacer Beast: This companions powers should now flow better, and deal damage in line with other companions.
  • Etrien’s Exuberance should now increase in Item Level when upgraded to Mythic.
  • Myconid: This companion’s powers have been adjusted to improve graphical performance. There is no expected change in damage output.
  • Siege Master: Siege Catapult should now deal proper damage.
  • Razorwood: This companion’s powers should all properly be used, now.
  • Xuna: Bloodbath no longer deals damage as if it were a single AoE, with each attack.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Bilethorn Enchantments now properly lower enemy speed instead of raising it.

Item Powers

  • Sleeping Phial and Paralyzing Phial
    • Removed all level restrictions for targets. Higher rank phials now have longer durations but phials will function on all enemy levels. Durations range from 8-18 seconds.
    • Removed incorrect information that Paralyzing Phial’s effect will end early if the target receives damage.

Racial Traits

  • Darkfire will no longer stack when applied by multiple drow.
  • Faerie Fire will no longer stack when applied by multiple Menzoberranzan Renegades.

Enemies and Encounters


  • Significantly reduced Ranged Attack and Poison Arrow damage on a majority of archers throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Poison inflicted from Poison Arrow to do a lot less damage than was intended.
  • Fixed an issue where drow were incorrectly categorized as fey, causing them to be affected by powers that increase damage to fey and counting towards fey kills on the Slayer Achievement.
  • The AI for many ranged enemies throughout the game has been adjusted to reduce the likelihood that they’ll stand in exactly the same location and be hard to differentiate or target.
  • Green Dragons: The poison AoE is now properly stays visible until damage stops being dealt.
  • Humanoids: Reduced Charge power damage by 25% on many humanoids throughout the game.
  • Magma Brute: Hurl Magma: Fixed an issue where the damage area indicator would persist after the power was completed.
  • Trolls: Increased damage of Bull Rush power.
  • Raptors and Striders: Reduced Dash damage by 40%.
  • Raptors and Striders: Reduced Break damage by 40%.
  • Strongholds: Corrected faction of orc enemies to “Many-Arrows Orcs” (from “Many-Arrow Orcs”).

Castle Never

  • Increased health of zombies during Death Spheres.
  • Tal’Gath the Undying: Chains of Undeath will now repel players standing near each other on activation to avoid instantaneous explosions and sadness
  • Orcus: Chains of Undeath will now repel players standing near each other on activation to avoid instantaneous explosions and sadness.
  • Orcus: Added a 3 second delay between completing the cast Power Word: Kill and summoning Annihilation Orbs.

Fangbreaker Island

  • Addressed an issue where Drufi could target Catti-Brie during the fight and unsuccessfully attempt to fight her.

Icespire Peak: Goblin Warrens

  • Murgal Mawcram’s damage has been increased.
  • Murgal Mawcram learned a new ability!

Icespire Peak: The Frozen Heart (Story)

  • Grast the Gut-Cruncher: Increased base damage.
  • Grast the Gut-Cruncher: Significantly increased health.
  • Hrimnir: Significantly increased damage of Melee Attack.
  • Hrimnir: Significantly increased damage of Ice Bolts.
  • Hrimnir: Fixed an issue that was causing Pillar of Ice to do trivial damage.
  • Winterforged Golem: Significantly increased hp.
  • Winterforged Golem: Increased base damage.
  • Winterforged Golem: Increased damage of Ice Field power created by Charge.

Icespire Peak: The Icehammer

  • War Troll: Increased base damage.
  • War Troll: Increased damage of Bull Rush.

Icespire Peak: The Icy Guardian

  • The Rime Hound: Increased damage of Lunging Bite power.
  • The Rime Hound: Increased damage on the Ice Field power left by Freezing Breath.

Lair of Lostmauth

  • Dragonsoul Veshal: Increased hp.
  • Dragonsoul Veshal: Now immune to Control powers.

Rise of Tiamat

  • Tiamat’s Aura damage has been significantly reduced. It’ll still hurt a lot so it’s not recommended to bask in her presence.
  • Warning decals should now display correctly.

Shores of Tuern

  • Fixed an issue where Garakas would move while doing his Fire Breath attack.
  • Adjusted Garakas’ AI so he’s not so keen on getting into melee range. Personal space, buddy!

Spellplague Caverns

  • Kabal
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Kabal to do significantly less damage than intended.
    • Significantly reduced Kabal’s hp in each of his three forms.
    • Flamehexes will no longer leave their spawn position during Kabal’s Trial by Fire phase.
    • Fixed an issue where Kabal would get confused and stop attacking his target if he teleported to the far side of the arena.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Great Cleave to do trivial amounts of damage.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Searing Chains to do much less damage than intended.
  • Giant Nothic Stone-Eye
    • Fixed an issue where the boss would sometimes stop taking actions after getting hit with Petrify.
  • Nostura
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Nostura to do significantly less damage than intended.
    • Increased HP.
    • Nostura will now always cast Stone Eye prior to charging up Planar Prominence, providing a guaranteed opportunity to remove Rampant Curse.

The Chasm: Cathedral of Madness

  • Senobith the Corruptor: Increased base damage.
  • Senobith the Corruptor: Increased damage of Blue Fire and the DoT it imparts.
  • Senobith the Corruptor: Increased damage of Burst.
  • Senobith the Corruptor: Increased damage of Fire Ball.

The Chasm: Plaguefire Ruins

  • Trokar the Firestarter: Increased base damage.
  • Trokar the Firestarter: Fixed an issue that was causing the Pillar of Blue Fire to do trivial damage.

Vellosk: Gray Wolf Den

  • Regdar Thunderfist: Adds in the fight now spawn in timed waves as opposed to individual respawns.

Vellosk: The Shadowkeeper’s Temple

  • Markela Whispersoul: Fixed an issue that would cause the Markela to occasionally stop attacking momentarily.
  • Markela Whispersoul: Added new powers.
  • Markela Whispersoul: Increased damage and increased attack speed.

Vault of the Nine

  • Xanthalax: Increased hp and damage.
  • Xanthalax: Increased damage of Eyes of the Beholder power.
  • Xanthalax: Increased damage of Bite power.

Well of Dragons: Exterior

  • Demonic Heroic Encounters: Bonus Glabrezu boss is now immune to control powers.
  • Demonic Heroic Encounters: Demonic portals are now less likely to disappear while they’re still active.

Well of Dragons: Cult Prison

  • Prison Warden: Increased hp.

Well of Dragons: Thayan Magical Shelter

  • Grand Summoner: Increased hp.
  • Grand Summoner: Increased base damage.
  • Grand Summoner: Increased the DoT damage from Disintegrate.

Well of Dragons: The Drake Pens

  • Master Alchemist: Increased hp.

Undermountain Expeditions

  • Decreased HP on the boss, Yauhkuay.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally an invisible “New Critter” nameplate would show up briefly.
  • Increased HP on the following mini-bosses:
    • Alpha Fang
    • Battle Troll
    • Daughter of Lolth
    • Deep Lord
    • Drider
    • Elder Fang
    • Greater Bone Golem
    • Hill Giant
    • Juggernaut
    • Ogre
    • Raid Leader
    • Undead Beholder
    • Undead Ogre
    • Veteran Rider

Items and Economy

Artifact Equipment

  • Exalted Weapons now update collections for lower quality versions of the same weapon.
  • The Mastered Obsidian Mekatl now properly displays an artifact icon.


  • Starlight Parcels and Starlight Bags now always drop an item from the reward section, whether or not the Winter Festival event is running.

Legacy Campaigns

  • Breyer’s Draconic Investigations:  Now correctly states that it drops in the Lair of Lostmauth dungeon when inspected in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.
  • Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind: Updated drop location to refer to actual name of Skirmish, The Shores of Tuern.
  • Haarl’s Treatise on Dragonkind: Removed reference to specific boons unlocked, it just simply says its need for boon unlocks now.
  • Dragon Bone: Removed reference to dragon hoards that were removed from the game.
  • Incantations of the Dragon Queen: Removed reference to specific boons unlocked, it just simply says its need for boon unlocks now.


  • Blacklake Histories vol. 2 is no longer labeled the same as the first volume.
  • Removed Battle Tactics for the following bosses:
    • Traven Blackdagger
    • Ethraniev Marrowslake
    • High Priestess Syndryth
    • Garakas
    • Tiamat
    • *Players that already have these Battle Tactics will retain them in Lore.
  • Fixed grammar issues in Ethraniev Marrowslake’s Battle Tactics for posterity

Miscellaneous Text

  • Mark of Potency, Ranks 1 & 2: Removed reference to Leadership.
  • Enchanting Stone, Rank 3: Removed reference to Leadership.
  • Seal of Triumph: Removed reference to Trade of Blades.
  • Various grammatical and spelling errors have been addressed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Noble Pegasus was displayed as “Armored Pegasus” in the Stable.
  • Trained Grizzly: This mount’s location has been updated in Collections.

Wondrous Bazaar

  • Change Appearance Tokens are no longer purchasable, as players can now just spend Astral Diamonds directly through the Tower of Alteration. Existing tokens can still be used for appearance changes.


  • Adventurer’s Rewards no longer have an item level, and no longer state that they can be opened when you are above Level 20.
  • Account versions of the following companions can now be redeemed at the Reward Claims Agent for those who had opened the packs:
    • Dedicated Squire
    • Red Slaad
    • Deva Champion
    • Werewolf
    • Hunting Hawk
    • Erinyes of Belial
    • Greenscale Bowman

User Interface


  • Hourly events should show up again.

Character Sheet

  • Slotting an enchantment on another enchantment should no longer bypass Item Protection to destroy the item.
  • There should no longer be any remaining references to purchasing Retraining Tokens from the Zen Market, as they’re no longer available for purchase.


  • The Heart Shape emote now has a text line accompanying the emote.


  • The mail indicator has been gently nudged to stop showing the unread indicator once mail has been read.


  • The Mysterious Artificer in Port Nyanzaru will once again properly show the Item Level of items being infused.

Item Preview

  • Resolved an issue where inspecting companions from some stores could bring up an empty or incorrect companion window.

Quest Path

  • There should be fewer cases where the Quest Path leads to a door or teleporter that isn’t currently usable.

Tower of Alteration

  • Players can now spend Astral Diamonds directly from the character customization screen to apply changes, in addition to spending a Change Appearance Token.



  • An exchange for Masterwork I – III and Chultan books is now available at the Artisan.
    • Resources in these books have been removed.
    • Existing resources on players will not be removed, and can be sold or created used as needed.
    • Certain High Quality resources that have been removed from the recipe books can now be exchanged for new resources.
  • Masterwork IV and V are now known as “Chultan Masterwork”.
    • Chultan Masterwork – Armorsmithing I and II should now properly be purchasable.
    • Chultan Masterwork – Blacksmithing II now requires a Fullered Yklwah Blade to trade in.
    • Chultan Masterwork – Leatherworking II no requires a Mounted Tyrannosaur to trade in.
  • Masterwork Recipe Books will now be purchasable from the Stronghold Artisan for Astral Diamonds.
    • Stronghold Masterwork recipes will be purchasable for 100,000 Astral Diamonds per book.
    • Masterwork of Sharandar recipes will be purchasable for 500,000 Astral Diamonds per book.
  • The Stronghold Artisan will no longer require players to complete a storyline in order to attain Masterwork Recipes.
    • As a result, those recipes have also been removed from the books that require the missions.
  • Stronghold Masterwork recipe books are now purchasable at The Artisan for every profession.
    • The Stronghold Masterwork books require purchase in order.
    • Example: Stronghold Masterwork – Alchemy II requires the purchase of Stronghold Masterwork – Alchemy I
  • Masterwork tools and Masterwork fashion are now available for purchase at the Stronghold Artisan for 3000 Guild Marks.
    • These Masterwork tools and fashion were previously attainable from questlines available at The Artisan.
    • The +40% Quality Bonus has been removed from the description of these Masterwork tools.
    • They now have the Special Skill: Recycle at 10%.
  • Temporary Structures now require mastery of Stronghold Masterwork II recipes.
  • Chultan Wootz Ore can now be gathered with the Explorer’s Charts: Omu.
  • Stronghold Temporary Structures have been updated with Chultan Masterwork resources.
  • The Lichstone recipe now requires 3 Lichstones and no longer requires Artisan’s Enamels to craft.
  • The Brilliant Beads recipe now requires 4 Red Rogue and longer requires Scintillant Glass to craft.
  • Two new titles have been added for those who had completed the Masterwork V questline with the Stronghold Artisan.
    • The Artisan’s Apprentice will be granted to characters who had completed at least ONE of the Masterwork V quests.
    • The Artisan’s Successor will be granted to characters who had completed all of the Masterwork V quests.
  • Exchanges have been added at The Traveling Merchant for removed Explorer’s Charts resources and other antique resources.
  • Stronghold Temporary Structure costs have been adjusted based on feedback.
  • Batiri Prisms, Allosaur Fangs, and Lion Hides now have had their drop rates increased.
    • The recipes which utilize these items have also been slightly adjusted.
  • Additional ingredients have been removed from recipes that no longer require them.


  • Gathering Deer Skin now requires a crossbow instead of a scythe.
  • The “Well-worn” Tools can once again be equipped by those who have reached Level 20 in the relevant profession.
  • The Stronghold Outfitter no longer requires the following items or the purchase of Artifact items:
    • Stronghold Wizard’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Warlock’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Rogue’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Paladin’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Hunter’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Guardian’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Fighter’s Armaments
    • Stronghold Cleric’s Armaments
  • The Generalist no longer sells the following Explorer’s Cases:
    • Explorer’s Case: Bryn Shander
    • Explorer’s Case: Caverns
    • Explorer’s Case: Cold Run
    • Explorer’s Case: Chasm
    • Explorer’s Case: Lonelywood
    • Explorer’s Case: Icespire
    • Explorer’s Case: Vellosk
  • Miscellaneous text fixes.
  • Parchment is now listed before Mithrus Index.
  • The following explorer’s charts are no longer available to purchase at The Generalist until a later date.
    • Explorer’s Case: Sharandar – The Ruins
    • Explorer’s Case: Sharandar – The Grove
    • Explorer’s Case: Sharandar – The Mire
    • *Players who already own these charts can complete theirs.
  • The 6th resource node should now be available to collect on the mission Explorer’s Chart: Sharandar – The Ruins.
  • A resource node Explorer’s Chart: Shararandar – The Mire has been adjusted to make it easier to collect.


  • The following items are no longer craftable during Summer Provisioning tasks:
    • Sunite Garb (Temporary)
    • Sunite Pants (Temporary)

Performance and Stability


  • More stability issues in the graphics system have been addressed.
  • Various optimizations have been made to the user interface. Of particular note will be issues where the power tray doesn’t update as expected; we’re keeping our eyes open for feedback along those lines.

That’s about it for the patch.

Source: Arc Games

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