Neverwinter Update 9.71 Released This December 16

Neverwinter Update 10.05

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 9.71 patch this December 16, and it’s for various fixes to enemies, encounters and more! Check out the complete patch notes for the Neverwinter Dec. 16 update.

Neverwinter Update 9.71 Patch Notes:

Content and Environment


  • Various issues with the updated fishing tutorial have been addressed.


  • Feast of Lanterns (February 2022): Dogs should now be easier to find.

Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft: Sisters of Strahd

  • Bloodflight
    • Bloodflight now deals 25% less base damage.
    • Bloodflight is no longer unavoidable damage, meaning that defensive stats can now reduce its damage.
    • Fixed an edge case where the warning indicator for Bloodflight could be displayed on the wrong target.
  • Strahd’s Tome
    • Deception’s Rebuke can no longer fail to remove the Hold from Whispers of Deception.
    • Deception’s Rebuke is now a targeted power (instead of a sphere around the player with a range of 100′).
    • Deception’s Rebuke now cleanses Gaze of Doom.
  • Gaze of Doom now deals 20% less damage.
  • Pool of Decay: Damage on the initial hit has been reduced by 12.5%, and damage ramped values for subsequent hits have been reduced by 25%.
  • Whispers of Deception can now be cleansed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Consort of Rage’s Essence of Rage power was granting far more Critical Chance to herself and nearby allies than was intended. She now gives an elevated Critical Chance of 10% to herself and nearby allies.
  • Fixed an edge case where the Sister could cast the same power twice in their rotation if they became shielded from another Sister in spectre form.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Blood Crazed Spawns adds was getting stuck at its spawn location and not entering the fight.

User Interface

Event Calendar

  • The event calendar is now scheduled up to mid-March 2022. (However, it still only displays up to 6 weeks ahead.)

Source: ArcGames

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