New Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies Gameplay and Details Surface

Check out Call of Duty Online‘s brand new Cyborg Zombie mode in action.

Late last month, it was discovered that Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play, PC-only Call of Duty title marketed toward Chinese audiences, would boast a mini game similar to the already well-established Call of Duty Zombies game mode made famous by Call of Duty titles like World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. The difference? Cyborg Zombies, among other things.

Giving us a first look at actual gameplay, YouTube personality LiamFTWinter sums up a number of details in his latest video, which we’ve included in the featured section above for you to check out.

He talks about the four playable classes available as well as how the mode differs from the traditional Zombies experience. Most notably, players will focus on conquering eleven rounds before evacuating the area, rather than testing their survival skills against endless waves of cyborg zombies. Below is a breakdown of each class, including equipment each class has access to and perks they earn by surviving rounds.

Be sure to watch the video above for more details.



  • Ice Trap
  • Monkey Momb
  • Money Grenade

Survival Perks:

  • Sharpshooter Soda – 3 rounds: Reduces ADS spread and sniper rifle sway
  • Big Kill Soda – 6 rounds: Carry and extra weapons



  • Shock Trap
  • Random Portal
  • Sticky Grenade


  • Discount Soda – 3 rounds: Get 10% off weapons and perks
  • Energy Soda – 6 roundss: Increase chance of electrical blast from perk machines



  • Dwarf Trap
  • Rescue Knife
  • Money Grenade

Survival Perks:

  • PHD Flopper – 3 rounds: Immune to explosives and falling injuries
  • Carpenter Soda – 6 rounds: Rebuild barriers faster and plant C4 explosives



  • Fire Trap
  • Black Hole Grenade
  • Ray Jumps (?)

Survival Perks:

  • Stamina – 3 rounds: Run faster and sprint duration is increased
  • Scavenger – 6 rounds: Pick up ammunition from dead cyborgs

Pretty interesting! What’s your take on Call of Duty Online’s new survival mode? Is it something you would play?

Thanks, Nemesis_96, for the tip!

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