New Call of Duty WWII Basic Training Perks & Cavalry Division Coming June 26

New Call of Duty WWII Basic Training

New Call of Duty WWII Basic Training perks are being added to the game with the June 26 update. This new patch will also add the brand new Cavalry Division to the game. These significant additions should really spice up the gameplay on offer.

New Call of Duty WWII Basic Training Perks

  • Specialist: Earn Basic Trainings instead of Scorestreaks. Unlock at 200, 400, and 600 score. All Basic Trainings are granted at 800 score. Progress resets on death.
  • Wanderlust: Spawn with a random gun (has up to 6 attachments). Pressing Triangle will always provide a new weapon.
  • Escalation: Shortly after kills, aim down sights significantly faster. Bonus: Multi-kills instantly refill magazine.

New Call of Duty WWII Cavalry Divison

  • 1. Carry a Shield that offers protection against attacks.
  • 2. While sprinting, Shield Charge to ram enemies
  • 3. Improved Objective Capabilities
  • 4. Objectives give extra score & two assists equal a kill

Are you excited for the new Call of Duty WWII update? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: CharlieINTEL (1, 2)

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