New Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Highlights Clive’s Wolf Companion Torgal in Combat

final fantasy 16 gameplay

With Final Fantasy 16 being much more action-oriented than older Final Fantasy titles, the game’s combat contains systems and features that add more depth to your battles. One such feature is Torgal, the wolf companion of Clive, FF16’s protagonist. Some newly revealed Final Fantasy 16 gameplay features Torgal’s moves in action.

A Twitter post from the Final Fantasy 16 Japanese Twitter account showcases Torgal fighting a monster called a “Cray Claw” in what appears to be an open area.

Here’s the English-translated tweet (via Google):

Introducing Torgal, the main character Clive’s partner 🐺Part 1
In battle, you can give orders to Torgal and fight together. Combinations that match Clive’s attacks are also possible!

“Final Fantasy XVI”
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Controlling Torgal is fairly straightforward. The D-Pad buttons each issue a different command to Torgal in combat, allowing you to quickly and easily give out orders to Torgal in the middle of a heated fight. Players can tell Torgal to Sic your current target, Heal you when your HP bar gets low, or Ravage them. The tweet itself also mentions that you can perform combos with Torgal and Clive in tandem. 

Final Fantasy 16 releases exclusively on PS5 this June 22 on PS5.

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2 days ago

Thank’s for posting this article really enjoyed reading and look forward to upcoming articles about Final Fantasy 16.

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