New Insurgency Update To Introduce Night Vision Gameplay and HK-74

Developer New World Interactive is working on some brand new content for the next update to their highly tactical and unforgivingly realistic military PC shooter, Insurgency.

Captured from a recent beta test session, “mexicangangboss” showcases the new AK-74 weapon, a new map, and new night vision gameplay in the featured video above.

The map is the first to showcase the new style of gameplay using night vision goggles, highlighting some of the new visual effects like muzzle flash that players will have to take into account when opening fire on the enemy. The AK-74, meanwhile, is the smaller caliber brother of the AK-74, but with a higher rate of fire.

Stay on the lookout for more details to come on Insurgency’s next update.

You too can help test new features by joining Insurgency’s Beta Branch Group.

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