New Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch Improves Clans and Warzones

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The PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a brand new patch today that looks to further integrate clan functionality into the game.

It also bring a few improvements to Warzones, fixes more bugs, and adds both checkpoint saving and a 3oFPS lock to the game’s single player.

Check out the full patch notes right here:

Killzone: Shadow Fall February 6 Patch Notes


While already available through the website, the functionality is now also implemented in-game. You can invite clan members to a party and clantags are now also added to the player name within the game. It can be viewed in the player card, in the friendslist, etc. You can check your friendlist by pressing touchpad or check the player card through the main menu (go to multiplayer > choose a warzone > press square > show the leaderboard & find the player you are interested in > press cross to open the player card).

Warzone discoverability

We have visually changed the main menu of the Multiplayer and added a top-bar from which you can browse and create new warzones. Also, we expanded the number of recommended warzones to 9 and move the friendslist to the top-right corner. This should make it easier to discover new warzones. 

New Warzone options: parties allowed

Players can now select the option to allow parties to join a warzone. Just go to Multiplayer > Create your warzone > go to settings with R1 > Check ‘Parties Allowed’ at the bottom. 

Checkpoint saving

We have added additional checkpoint saving to save on every revive event, giving more save points throughout the campaign. 

Ability to lock to 30FPS in campaign mode

To guarantee a steadier framerate in the campaign mode, players can now lock their game to 30fps via the options menu. 

VC30 exploit fixed

The exploit that let users with a VC30 equipped with the flashlight increase their range has been fixed.

Guerrilla Games notes that they’ve also “fixed some bugs that should improve overall performance and rid the game of some collision/exploits in various maps.”