New Matchpoint Tennis Championships Video Shows Developer Diary #1

matchpoint tennis championships trailer

Developer Torus Games has now released a new Matchpoint Tennis Championships video out this week, and this new footage takes a look at the development of the game! Producer Kevin McIntosh and Game Designer Dave Mack talk more about motion capture, ball physics, and lots of other things. You can check out the developer diary below, as well as check out more of the details for Matchpoint Tennis Championships.

Torus Games also posted a small summary of what you can expect to see in Matchpoint Tennis Championships. Details are posted down below.

“Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is a modern take on tennis, featuring a true-to-life on-court experience supported by a deep career mode and unique rivalry system. The game places a strong focus on tactical realism, positioning, and aiming, allowing the player to move their superstar in exactly the right way to get the most out of their shots. Matchpoint: Tennis Championships combines slick character animations, authentic ball physics and enhanced player control to replicate the realistic rhythm of the game – every swing and hit feeling unique and satisfying.”

Matchpoint Tennis Championships releases in Spring 2022 for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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