New Rogue Company Update 1.28 August 26 Fires Out

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Developer First Watch Games has released what it calls a hotfix for Rogue Company and it’s live now! Console gamers will see this as the new Rogue Company update 1.28 August 26 patch, and this includes gameplay-related changes such as cancelling a cooked grenade won’t get you cooked yourself (heh!) and more.

New Rogue Company Update 1.28 August 26 patch notes:

Rogues! We’ve applied a hotfix this morning to address a number of outstanding issues the community reported after the Vice update. This is not an exhaustive list and we assure you there are plenty more bugs the team is still working on. These represent what we felt were most egregious and could be fixed immediately without risk to game stability.

  • The Shooting Range is now available

  • Fixed an issue where settings would not save between matches

  • The first time you receive a friend request, their name should now appear in the request

  • Epic friends should no longer show offline when they are online

  • Players should no longer stuck in the Chimera during Strikeout mode

  • The Unflappable award for finishing the Tutorial should no longer reset when you leave the game

  • Pistol upgrades purchased in the Store should no longer be removed at the beginning of each round

  • When cancelling a cooked grenade, it should no longer explode anyway

  • The top bar should no longer show teammates on the enemy side or vice versa

As the developer has mentioned, there are more issues that are left to be handled, though they focused on the most important ones first.

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Source: Reddit