New Titanfall Promotion Spotted, Can You Solve The Puzzle?

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A new Titanfall promo discovered in the UK offers up some pretty sweet Titanfall-related prizes

Over in the United Kingdom, clever Reddit users have spotted a new “glitch” in a popular Xbox One ad, which shows a bit of binary code and leads to mysterious site.

Once there, anyone who is willing to take up the challenge must agree to the terms and conditions before moving forward. Doing so will grant you access to the second part of the contest, where you’ll have to figure out more binary code.

Winners of the contest will receive lots of goodies, as the rules state a total of 182 participants will be chosen, and may win the following:

  • Xbox console bundle. There are two prizes in this pool.
  • 1 x Xbox console bundle, 14 x Xbox items.
  • Digitally signed artworks (unlimited), 100 x signed comics, 16 x Xbox items
  • 48 x game artworks, 10,000 codes for in game extras.

Unfortunately, the contest is only open for UK residents, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from figuring out a good puzzle.

Thanks, Eurogamer.