New Zisworks Monitors Output 480fps, Show Benefits of Extremely High Frame-Rates

While some gamers are certainly happy playing console games at 30fps, there are other players out there who appreciate the smoothness of high frame-rates. 60fps is commonly seen on most console first-person shooters, while PC gamers are pushing the demand further, with 120Hz and 144Hz panels being popular choices these days. And, for the true frame-rate addict, there are 240Hz monitors!

Well, that’s cool and all, but the folks over at Zisworks are looking to not just beat 240Hz support, but double it! They have made two high (as hell) refresh rate monitors, a 28″ (X28) and 39″ (X39), with engineering samples available to order.

The catch in all of this is the resolution when 480Hz is selected. Sure, your PC experience is going to be smooth, but it’s going to be awfully pixelated, with 480Hz only being available at 540p.

Increase the resolution and you lower the refresh rate, with 720p outputting at 300Hz, 1080p at 240Hz, and 4K at 120Hz. Of course, those are still very high refresh rates, and monitors that support 4K at 120Hz are hotly-anticipated by enthusiasts. 

So, 480Hz at 960×540 then. How does that actually translate when using a PC? Well, the guys over at Blur Busters got themselves a sample and have run a multitude of tests. I’ll let you head on over there to see the methodology and screenshots, but their conclusion resulted in three main advantages: reduced stroboscopic effect/phantom array effect, reduced motion blur, and improved persistence of vision effects.

It seems that 480Hz still boasts advantages worth lusting after! Do you eventually want to game on a 480Hz panel? Or are you aiming even higher? Let me know!

Source: Blur Busters

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