Next Week in Destiny 2: What’s Coming This Week of September 5

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It’s another week, and that means Destiny 2’s weekly reset has arrived this Tuesday, and Xur is back today. However, for those looking ahead, here’s what next week in Destiny 2 brings (week of September 5).

Next Week in Destiny 2: What’s Coming This Week of September 5

  • The first Iron Banner of the season arrives
  • Take on Momentum Control with bonus Crucible ranks all week long
  • Visit the Cosmodrome in the Fallen Saber Nightfall

  • Raid: Deep Stone Crypt
  • Dungeon: Prophecy

In addition to that, Bungie has confirmed that hotfix will be dropping next week on September 8 (Thursday). Here’s a list of the known issues per the latest This Week at Bungie post:

While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help forum: 
  • The Overzealous Basilica Triumph for the King’s Fall Seal and title can’t be completed. 
  • Some Gambit bounties have a misspelling of “Guardians” in the English versions. 
  • The crafted BxR-55 Battler doesn’t receive a gold border when an enhanced perk is added. 
  • The Mortal Medicine mod appears on the King’s Fall Hunter raid helmet twice. 
  • King’s Fall carries aren’t being correctly counted in the stat tracker. 
  • Sometimes players can spawn outside of the room when fighting the Warpriest. 
  • The Rift Lost Sector is missing Triumphs and incorrectly lists shields present. 
  • The Robes of Nezarec ornament loses its Resonance effect when an ornament is applied to the Nazarec’s Sin Warlock Exotic helmet. 
  • The Arms of Optimacy ornament has misplaced geometry around it. 
  • The Dawn Chorus Exotic doesn’t appear in Collections. 
  • The Expedition activity doesn’t show any stats in the post-game activity summary. 
  • The Xenology Exotic quest isn’t counting progress in playlist activities. 
  • Stormtrance does not increase its damage over time while attacking. 
  • Repeatable Star Chart bounties can continue to be purchased when players have a full quest inventory.
Same as always, once the weekly reset is live, you can bet we’ll have it up ASAP! Same with Xur’s weekend jaunts to. To make sure you don’t miss anything, bookmark our Destiny 2 game hub.
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