NHL 22 Update 1.11 Released for Crash Fixes This October 22

NHL 22 Update 1.11

EA Vancouver has released the NHL 22 update 1.11 (PS5 version 1.011), which is primarily for crashing and desync issues. This patch is available on PlayStation, with the Xbox versions getting it “early next week” according to the devs.

NHL 22 Update 1.11 Patch Notes | NHL 22 Update 1.011 Patch Notes:

Here’s what’s in the patch per the developers:

A new #NHL22 patch is now available on PlayStation that fixes various desyncs and crashes.

This same patch will be available on Xbox early next week.

That seems to be it. However, there was also a roster update released yesterday as well.

For those that haven’t picked the game up yet, here are some of the NHL 22 key features per EA:

Featured Gameplay Improvements Including:

  • Augmented Reality Broadcast: All new augmented reality-like visual design seamlessly integrates game stats directly into the action through overlays on environment surfaces.

  • Player Facial Expressions: players are more lifelike than ever with detailed eye movement and tracking and facial expressions that react to the changing environment and events around them.

  • Stick Physics: new physically-true stick interactions mean more realistic movement along the boards without sticks poking through geometry, more accurate penalty calls from stick-on-body contact and battles for the puck that are fair and based on skill.

  • Skill Moves & Environments: new moves and environments will shine with amazing detail thanks to Frostbite

NHL 22 is now out for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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