Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.09 Adds Shredder & More This Feb. 3

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.09

Developer Ludosity has released the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl update 1.09 patch today, and this adds the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Shredder, a new level and more! Read up on the official All-Star Brawl February 3 patch notes below.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.09 Patch Notes | Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl February 3 Patch Notes:


  • Shredder joins the battle!
  • New stage available, Double Dare!
  • Added a message that notifies players of when one of their replays is no longer compatible with the current version of the game
  • Loading optimizations were applied for the menus on all platforms, menus should load faster. The results vary per platform.
  • Fixed issue that made incorrect thumbnail image show in arcade mode for the Sweet Dreams stage
  • Fixed issue that made rewards not show at the end of Arcade mode when playing with Garfield
  • Fixed issue that made the incorrect button prompt appear in the results screen for the save replay functionality
  • Changed Garfield’s dialogue box to be a thought bubble in the arcade mode
  • Fixed issue that made the screen flicker sometimes during the matchmaking when opponents changed their skins or characters
  • Fixed issue that made the incorrect goal-post assets show in the Sweet Dreams Stage in Sports Mode
  • Fixed an issue that made the game get stuck on a “joining game” screen after entering a private lobby password
  • We’ve heard people having issues with their controllers mapping getting mixed up when going back to the character select screen. We’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented a controller profile system that will allow players to assign their specific control mappings to their own specific profile so they won’t get mixed up anymore
  • Fixed an issue that made the character select screen appear more than once occasionally in online modes .
  • There have been updates to the blocking system. Now horizontal attacks can only be blocked if you’re holding a horizontal direction while blocking (diagonals are considered vertical direction)



  • Di angle reverted (14° 16°)
  • Getup & tech root roll anims linger for 2 & 4 extra frames respectively before moving
  • Getup roll time decreased (29f27f)
  • Getup inplace time decreased (27f24f)
  • Getup inplace invulnerability decreased (21f19f)
  • Tech roll time decreased (34f319)
  • Tech roll invulnerability decreased (26f25f)
  • Tech inplace time decreased (24f22f)
  • Tech inplace invulnerability decreased (18f17f)
  • Ledge invulnerability increased (60f70f)
  • Crashland time decreased (30f26f)
  • Holding diagonal for a block is now mutually exclusive for down/up, will not block mid attacks
  • Holding diagonal with the horizontal AWAY from an oncoming attack will no longer produce a down/up block
  • Z-drops no longer affected by DI
  • All characters now properly slowfall once per airtime with their aerial strong attacks, subsequent airstrongs fall at normal speed
  • RPS pre-attack hitboxes now attack in the correct” direction
  • RPS pre-attack hitboxes now encompass the entire character
  • Fixed bug where certain characters couldn’t turnaround jump out of a jump cancelable attack while in hitstop
  • Fixed bug where a grounded jump could quickly lead into an aerial grounded jump if the input was pressed again within 4 frames
  • Fixed bug where block on-hit was actionable 1-frame later


  • Aerial Mid Light •
    • Stun gain decreased ( 9 7 )
  • Aerial Up Light
    • Knockback gain increased (105 → 115)
    • Stun gain decreased (1611) Down Special .
    • Using the grounded version no longer takes away an aerial charge


  • Down Special .
    • Cancelable actions now possible with second stick


  • Aerial Mid Light
    • Damage decreased ( 9 7 )
    • Knockback increased (3050)
    • Knockback Gain increased (75 105)
    • Stun decreased (3022)
    • Stun gain increased ( 0 6 )
  • Down Special
    • Can no longer infinitely jump during the turnaround animation


  • Mid Special
    • Input setup altered: now releasing special immediately throws the projectile, while pressing block cancels the charge; this new system allows an uncharged projectile to be immediately thrown in a manner similar to the rest of the cast
    • Now has a cooldown system like other projectile attacks
    • Color overlays now flash to indicate when a new charge level is met yellow for mid-charge and orange for full-charge
    • Charge time for mid-level projectile decreased (40f35f)
    • Charge time for max-level projectile increased (55f70f)
    • Projectile time before self-destruction reduced (553 )
    • Mid-charge projectile speeds lowered (20, 30, 4014, 24, 34)
    • Mid-charge projectile now bounces . If a mid-charge projectile is z-dropped, it will persist 4 times longer than usual (3s 12s)
    • Max-charge projectile speeds lowered (14, 24, 34 → 12, 20, 28)
    • A max-charge projectile can no longer be rebounded, destroyed, grabbed, or beaten out by any traditional means; good luck!
  • Up Special
    • Ascent begins faster (26f24f)
    • Throws projectile faster (33f24f)
    • Startup now decays horizontal speed gradually, instead of all at once
    • Projectile inherits Toph’s horizontal speed when initiated
    • Can grab edge sooner (50f + 38f)
    • Transitions to fallstate sooner (60f47f)
  • Down Special
    • Platform duration halved (105 )

Lucy Loud

  • General
    • Now uses correct speed modifiers when carrying an opponent
    • Fixed issue where effects showing off which form Lucy was in would disappear under specific circumstances
  • Aerial Down Strong
    • No longer can cancel preemptively after respawning

April O’Neil

  • Up Special
    • Can no longer be used to stall when out of fuel
  • Down Special
    • No longer gains ratings from hitting blocking/invulnerable opponents

Ren & Stimpy

  • Aerial Mid Throw
    • Fixed animation cycling through >2000 more frames that it should’ve

Powdered Toast Man

  • Up Light
    • Attack button can now be held to salute your enemies after KO’ing them
  • Up Strong
    • Hitbox repositioned to properly cover PTM’s head
  • Aerial Mid Light
    • Hitbox repositioned to properly cover PTM’s body
  • Aerial Up Light
    • Attack button can now be held to salute your enemies after KO’ing them


  • Up Special
    • Fixed bug where attacking Zim prior to releasing the projectile would cause Zim’s gravity to change until up special was performed again
  • Gir
    • Fixed issue that made Gir get stuck on some walls instead of bouncing off
    • Fixed issue that made Gir get stuck with other Girs ingame

Danny Phantom

  • Aerial Down Strong
    • Pre-attack landing lag minimum fixed to standard amount (5f8f)


  • Mid Special
    • Before hitting the ground, goop acts like any other projectile
    • After hitting the ground, goop can only be destroyed by a strong attack from whoever doesn’t own the projectile
    • No longer land-cancelable


  • Fixed issue that made right Joycon not work properly as a standalone controller
  • Fixed issue that made the controls mapping get reset if the controller got disconnected mid match

Gameplay updates explained

With the strong prevalence and potential reward of reaction tech chasing (rtc) in the current meta, some major buffs were deemed necessary for the defensive options; while it should remain a disadvantage, it shouldn’t be to the extent that follow-ups are almost guaranteed with minimal effort. The hope is these changes to both the wait before a movement takes place & a decrease in the time it takes for an action will be enough to balance the scales

Source: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (Twitter)

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