Official Battlefield 3 Shirts Inbound – Take a Peak

DICE’s Christina Coffin teases Battlefield 3 clothing.

Christina, Frostbite Engine Coder at DICE, tweeted a picture of a BF3 T-shirt, captioned with “Official dice bf3 shirts will be for sale soon.” When asked if there was other t-shirt designs, she explained “we have additional BF3 related shirt designs, not just this one that will be revealed in the near future.”

I remember DICE was giving away some BF3 shirts at Gamescom (Matros was rocking one), but I’m still looking for a picture. If you beat me to it, leave a link in the comments’ section.

Here is the image to feast your eyes:


Another EA developer, BioWare, has its own online store that’s packed with Mass Effect and Dragon Age goodies. I know our own Veselka, being a big Mass Effect fan, frequents that store. It’d be nice if DICE can have its own store as well.

Remember those Battlefield 3 themed Astros. 


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