Paladins OB 64 Patch Delayed to Next Week

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Expecting a new Paladins patch this morning on PC? If so, you’re in for some bad news. Hi-Rez Studios has recently announced that the Paladins OB 64 patch that was set to go live today has been pushed back to next week.

For those out of the loop and wondering what happened to the patch, it’s simple: the community has been very vocal about the Cards Unbound feature that was set to go live alongside OB 64 that would change the way Paladins would be played moving forward. It would ditch the current 12-point system for more of a grind-to-win system where players can allocate up to 25 points into their loadouts that will give those who have some really good RNG rolls. or a lot of playtime a clear advantage against those who don’t or barely play the game.

This, of course, isn’t the only issue the community has been vocal about when it comes to the OB 64 patch. The community has been displeased with Hi-Rez Studios due to them intending to introduce the ability to purchase chest that reward these cards with real money. Essentially making the game pay-to-win.

Aside from those issues, the Paladins playerbase weren’t too pleased either with how the legendary cards are able to be upgraded if you happen to receive a duplicate of the same card, making some of the legendary cards very strong, and even easily melt the tanks in the game. Looking at some of the videos of these new legendary cards in action, the reaction is pretty justified including for Lex’s and Tyra’s legendary cards.

While this whole ordeal with this patch and the new card system is causing strife between the community and Hi-Rez Studios, it seems that the Georgia-based studio is at least open to making changes to the system. This is evident with the OB 63 patch, where they reverted some skins being rentals even if purchased with Crystals (the game premium currency).

Currently, Hi-Rez Studios is set to reveal the patch notes this  Friday, but it’s unclear on whether they’ll announce changes to the Cards Unbound system or just simply reveal the OB 65 patch. Regardless of what they’ll announce on Friday we will make sure to keep you updated.

Source: Paladins (official)