Paladins Update 2.14 Sneaks Out, Sands of Myth Overview Released

Paladins Update 2.42

Just a few days ago, the big Paladins update was released, which introduced the Sands of Myth content. Well, it seems Hi-Rez Studios isn’t done yet, as a new Paladins update just got released now. Console gamers will see this as Paladins update 2.14, and as one might expect, is for fixes than anything else.

No official patch notes have been released, but from what we know and Hi-Rez Studios has dished out, it’s for Ranked Play.

While our team continues to work on improving issues related to our backend server technology update, we will be disabling Ranked play across all platforms. This is being done to prevent any connection issues getting in the way of playing Ranked as we work on these fixes.

Spread the word about this, as no doubt some players are wondering why they aren’t getting anything from playing Ranked.

In other news, if you want a quick info drop on what Sands of Myth has broght to the table, and cant be fussed to read the (super long) patch notes, Hi-Rez Studios has released a video overview!

This is just over a minute long, so it should be good for those press for time.

If Hi-Rez gives an update on what other stuff is in this Paladins update 2.14, we’ll update the post and let people know.

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