Paladins Update 2.22 August 4 Patch Released

paladins update 2.22 august 4

While players of Evil Mojo Games’ Paladins just got the big Radiant Stars update last week, the studio has rolled out a new update today, and as far as we know this is for the PS4 only. The Paladins update 2.22 August 4 patch is now out, and it’s a super small download clocking in at just 100MB.

Paladins Update 2.22 August 4 patch notes:

Evil Mojo has not specified what the update does, and it still doesn’t fix the notification glitch that players are experiencing. Checking the latest “This Week in the Realm” post, here’s what the studio shared:

While you’ve been enjoying your first full week of Radiant Stars, the team has been planning our first XP weekend and more for you all. As you continue to play through the Radiant Stars Battle Pass and enjoy our new addition of the Bounty Store, here’s what you can expect this week:

Champion Anniversaries

  • It looks like you have all been enjoying celebrating our anniversaries for Champions on social media. So this week when we celebrate Makoa’s we’ll be making him free to play for 24 hours and continue this trend going forward with these shout outs.

Themed Fan Art Friday

  • Everyone on the dev side and community side is LOVING the art our community has been doing when we make our themed fan art Fridays! So for this week make sure you submit to us your best art of any variant for Stellar Protector Io! Who knows what Stellar theme will make our next one? Make sure to use #PaladinsArt when posting on Instagram and Twitter!

Bonus XP Weekend

  • This coming weekend we will be doing a Champion XP event for our players who are looking to level themselves up for a golden skin. In the new update you have 3 new ones to now get with Drogoz, Sha Lin, and Buck being added in gold. Look for details in our blog Friday and expect another surprise to be dropping this weekend for those of you playing.

Weekly Champion Rotation

***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

  • Atlas
  • Drogoz
  • Zhin
  • Grover
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