PC Arena Shooter From Reakktor Studios, Toxikk, Is Bringing FPS Back to 1999

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German-based developer Reakktor Studios is taking an old school approach to their upcoming PC arena shooter, Toxikk.

No classes, no levelling system, no regenerating health, no cover system, and no reloads, Toxikk is a step back and yet a step forward for arena shooters. Check out what the developers have to say about the game on their official website.

“TOXIKK plays as if today’s military shooters never existed. The game combines the simple and intuitive mechanics of old-school FPS giants with a fresh setting, slick graphics and our vision to carefully evolve the genre with some new ideas elaborated with Arena-FPS enthusiasts.

“Designed as a spiritual successor to the fast paced arena shooters of the late 90s and early 2ks, there is no leveling, no skill-trees, no perks, no cover systems, no classes, no configurable weapons and no iron sight aiming.

“Instead you get fast and precise movement (with deeply configurable mouse controls), double jumps, dodge jumps, booster pick-ups, nine iconic WEAPONS to be carried around simultaneously, secondary fire modes for every weapon, vehicular game modes, jump pads, health-packs, lots of vertical gameplay, optional mutators (incl. instagib) and everything else that made these kind of games so addictive. And if you want to practice your skills offline, TOXIKK also features a configurable BOT MODE.”

You’ll even find links to the game’s weapons, maps, vehicles, and background elements.

Reakktor plans to give Toxikk an Early Access launch on Steam this Winter. Keep your sights on MP1st for more details, as we’ll surely be keeping ours on this shooter.

Check out the debut trailer above and tell us what you think in the comments!