Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 6 Launches on December 9

For RPG fans looking for some updates on Sega’s massively popular free-to-play online game Phantasy Star Online 2, the company has announced that Episode 6 is starting pretty soon — launching on December 9 and bringing some new quests, classes, enemies, and an increase of the level cap to 95 for anyone who loves to grind and build their characters stats.

Here’s the overview of the new episode via the official Phantasy Star Online 2 website.

So, you left the Sacred Magical Kingdom of Epykuento in the transcendent hands of a friend, and headed back to Fleet Oracle for some much needed R&R. The only problem is that your legendary feats in vanquishing one enemy inadvertently permitted the entry of another – and she even had the gall to thank you for it. As your experience on Alternate Dimension: Omega taught you, the universe tends to favor recycling things; though chaos often interferes and these re-creations can be – flawed. Add this to the newfound knowledge that your experience on Omega may not have been historically accurate, and you have the recipe for a grim sense of foreboding. ARKS will again need your help; to make sense of the past – and preserve the future.

There will be new training regimens, and new equipment that will better enable Fleet Oracle to meet this new challenge head-on when it arrives. Apprise yourselves of the contents of this notice, operatives, and then dispose of it in a secure manner.


Some of the new changes and features include:

  • New Story

  • Player Level cap increased to 95

  • New Classes – Phantom & Étoile

  • New Summoner Pets – Herbie and Vulcan

  • New Urgent Quests

  • New Quest Type – Risk Exploration

  • Arms Extension

  • New Quest Difficulty – Ultra-Hard (UH)

  • New ARKS Missions

  • New Rising Weapons Badge

  • New Enemy Type – Luminmech and Ultra Enemies

  • New Seasonal Events

  • New Mission Pass Season

  • Exciting new Titles to earn

  • Additional Recommended Quest – Level Up Quest

  • New Collection Folders – Legendary 15★ Collection Folder, 14★ Eggs Collection 1

  • New Bonus Quest – Special Mission: Tokyo [Rainbow]

  • New Practice Quests – Étoile, Phantom, AIS Vega

  • New S-Grade Augments

  • New 15★ Weapons at Zig Shop

  • New 13★ Units at Zig Shop

  • 13★ Units can be have S-class Augments – S6, S7, S8

Look out for more updates and news on Phantasy Star Online 2 here on MP1st.

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