Pit People – Upcoming Update Is Set To Be The Game’s Biggest Yet

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Pit People, the quirky turn-based title from the independent developer Behemoth is set to receive it’s biggest update yet that’ll make many pleased.

According the the latest developer diary for Pit People, main story quests are coming in the next update, a request that the community as been begging for since the release of the game in the preview program.

While adding more main story mission is the focus for the upcoming update, Behemoth also revealed that’s not the only content being made available when “Update 4” goes live. Additionally we will see more sidequests added, along with a brand-new world map that’ll also have 15 brand-new sidequests. All of these of course can be enjoyed with a buddy during co-operative play.

With the game still being in the game preview program, you can be sure some more game improvements will make it’s way in future updates.

Overall, Update 4 is said to include 2.3 hours worth of new content and that will be very welcomed to the game.

Pit People is currently available on the PC via the early access and the Xbox One’s game preview program.