Planetside 2 Expedition: Oshur Now Available, Here’s What You Need to Know

Planetside 2 Expedition: Oshur

What a big day it is for Planetside 2 players, as after seven long years, Rogue Games has finally released a new full scale continent. Introducing Planetside 2 Expedition Oshur, a new continent set to not only bring air and ground warfare, but for the first time in the game, sea battles. 

Down below you’ll find a breakdown of some of the highlights from this new update as well as new screenshots. 


  • Two new base archetypes, called “Facilities” are introduced: the Interlink Outpost and Trident Relay. The Interlink Outpost is a small, cover-dense infantry arena with narrow points of entry and exit. The Trident Relay is a tall spire with combat taking place high above the seabed, aircraft are required to reach and assault this facility. 


  • Functional water comes to PlanetSide 2 for the first time, allowing for a new dimension of gameplay above and beneath. 

  • Every vehicle, player, and projectile has been re-engineered to work with these new mechanics.


  • The last chapter of the second Campaign focuses on the return to Oshur, an island evacuated in the early days of the Auraxian War. This chapter will bring players to hidden locations around the map and help players acclimate to the new water mechanics. 


  • Players can now unlock four new underwater infantry weapons, including the UBR-100 Frogman, an underwater assault rifle. 

Planetside 2 Expedition Oshur Screenshots

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