PlanetSide 2 Update 2.39 Shoots Out for Auraximas This Dec. 7

planetside 2 update 2.39

Daybreak Games has released the PlanetSide 2 Update 2.39 December 7 patch, and for this edition it’s for the Auraximas celebration! Check out the complete patch notes below.

PlanetSide 2 Update 2.39 Patch Notes:

Auraximas is Upon Us!
A snowy Sanctuary heralds the beginnings of Auraximas, a holiday tradition for Auraxians young and old. With this festive season comes Snowmen-littered battlefields, a limited-time holiday directive, gift-giving missions, and special items available in the Depot.

Sanctuary’s Snowfall

  • The Sanctuary neutral ground comes to life as new sights and sounds permeate the corridors.
  • Watch out for the Snowblowers, they’re quite powerful!


Time-Limited Missions

  • Sanctuary’s observation drone is making a list, checking it… multiple times, and they need your help to obtain gifts for the denizens stationed aboard.
  • Receive one new Auraximas mission each day, and earn a special title reward when all are complete!


A new Holiday Directive!

  • Life on the battlefield can be made just a bit brighter with a new Auraximas directive!
  • Progress through these holiday challenges, and receive a sweet new camouflage on completion!


Snowman Surprise

  • You’ll occasionally find Snowman throughout the combat areas on Auraxis. Destroy them for extra experience!
  • An elusive Golden Snowman can occasionally be found hidden among them, destroying this one will yield a holiday hood ornament!
  • You can deploy your own Snowman Soldier by unlocking this (very) tactical item from the Depot.


Special Items In the Depot!
A barrage of holiday items can be found in the Depot!

  • Decals
  • Tire Trails
  • Lumifiber
  • Weapons
  • Holiday Hats
  • Vehicle Horns
  • Profile Banners
  • Camouflage


December Discounts and Double Experience!
Adding to the holiday festivities, we’ve set each weekend up with select bundle discounts and double experience throughout December!

The DOUBLE (and TRIPLE?) EXPERIENCE schedule is as follows:

  • Dec. 03, 04, 05 – Double XP for ALL
  • Dec. 10, 11, 12 – Double XP for ALL
  • Dec. 17, 18, 19 – Double XP for ALL
  • Dec. 24, 25, 26 – TRIPLE XP for MEMBERS
  • Dec. 31, Jan. 01, 02 – Double XP for ALL

The following bundles will be heavily discountedduring these days:

  • Dec. 11, 12
    • One-Year Anniversary Bundle 50% off – 3999 DBC (1999 DBC discounted)
    • Two-Year Anniversary Bundle 50% off – 3999 DBC (1999 DBC discounted)
  • Dec. 18, 19
    • Three-Year Anniversary Bundle 50% off – 3999 DBC (1999 DBC discounted)
    • Four-Year Anniversary Bundle 50% off – 3999 DBC (1999 DBC discounted)
  • Dec. 25, 26
    • Commander’s Five-Year Anniversary Bundle 60% off – 8999 DBC (3599 DBC discounted)
    • Warmachine’s Six-Year Anniversary Bundle 60% off – 8999 DBC (3599 DBC discounted)

Exceptional V
A new Exceptional directive has been added. This directive can currently be completed with a combination of 9th anniversary and Auraximas holiday weaponry.

Players who complete this new directive receive access to the NS Chevalier helmet!


  • Health regeneration from 50 per sec to 40 per sec.
  • Now has a 2 second delay before regeneration activates after taking damage.
  • Does not stack with Nanite Auto-Repair.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Nascent Expeditions has been given a new contractor image for campaign missions that they offer. (While Nascent Expeditions is technically a part of the New Conglomerate, they are their own organization.)
  • Lodestars should no longer spawn players beneath the ground.
  • Fixed issues with Lodestar/Wasp/Deliverer not acting as “true” vehicles in some cases, for the purposes of missile Lock-ons, Proximity Repairs, and others.
  • Bastion Fleet Carrier side and under-mounted hardpoints no longer fail to follow the Bastion after being destroyed.
  • Chapter 02 start date has been moved to Jan. 19, 2022, though this date is subject to change.

That’s about it for the patch.

Source: Daybreak Games forums

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