PlayStation 4 Pro Will Have Additional 1GB of Ram, 10% More Memory

playstation e3 2019

Along with an upgraded CPU, the PlayStation Pro will also feature an extra 1GB of slow conventional RAM, offering developers access to more faster RAM.

According to an interview Mark Cerny did with IGN, the PS4 Pro will take that additional the slow 1GB of RAM for the operating System when it comes to operating games.

“He went on to note that on the standard PS4, when moving from application to a game, that application remains resonant in the system memory to allow for fast swapping between the two. With PS4 Pro, that application is moved to the extra 1GB of RAM when swapping to a game, freeing up nearly an entire gigabyte of the console’s remaining 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.”

This will give developers an additional 512mb of RAM to use at their disposal, bring the total to 5.5GB of GDR5 RAM. According to Cerny this will boost the consoles memory by 10% that equates to games looking “a heck of a lot better on the new console”.

PS4 Pro is set to release on November 10th

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