Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.06 Brings Hotfixes

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.23

Illfonic has released the Predator Hunting Grounds update 2.06 patch today, which brings a number of hot fixes.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.06 patch notes:


  • Fixed an issue where foliage was indestructible for clients
  • Fixed an issue where full face covers were sometimes causing issues during cinematics
  • Fixed an issue that caused several elements to be missing their proper localized text
  • Fixed a stuck spot in Excavation near caves
  • Resolved several issues that were causing crashes


  • Fixed an issue where capture points would say “Capture” when they should say “Defend”
  • Clash matches now end when an entire team leaves
  • Fixed an issue where the countdown timer was not working properly in Clash lobbies
  • Fixed an issue where kill notification would appear for non-lethal headshots
  • Fixed an issue where XP was not being calculated properly in Clash
  • Fixed multiple Clash lobby issues related to players leaving and viewing profiles/reporting

If there are any other fixes not detailed in the patch notes above, please let us know in the comment section so that we may document them for other users. As for those experiencing the stuck on aiming bug, know that the issue is still present in this update. Hopefully Illfonic sorts that out in the next update.

Source: Illfonic f0rums

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