Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.36 Brings New Content & Bug Fixes This March 3

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.36

Illfonic has released the Predator Hunting Grounds update 2.36 file on all platforms, and this brings premium DLC in the Wolf Predator DLC Pack, as well as a free content for everyone. There are also bug fixes, which are listed in the Predator Hunting Grounds March 3 patch notes below.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.36 Patch Notes | Predator Hunting Grounds March 3 Patch Notes:

Paid DLC

  • New Playable Predator – Wolf

With a track record of bringing down multiple Xenomorphs, and even a Predalien, this Predator has proved to be one of the most lethal foes your enemies will face in combat. Now, you can become a master hunter with the new Wolf Predator DLC pack.

This DLC pack includes the Wolf Predator premium class.

Free Update

  • New Fireteam mask “Nolan” is now available at Level 250


  • Various Crash Fixes
  • Backwater (Night Variant) has been reenabled and will once again show up in the map rotation
  • Fixed an issue on the Excavation Mission “Compromise of Safety” where objective markers were appearing at the wrong time/out of order


  • General
    • Fixed an issue with Dante’s death cry not playing during Long Claim cinematics
    • Last Man Standing now properly plays a sound when activated


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where the “Scars” customization option was not working properly with the Captured mask
    • Fixed an issue where the Falconer Predator’s Plasma Caster would clip through the shoulder
    • Fixed an issue where Mr. Black’s predlocks were behaving erratically in the Customization menu
    • Fixed an issue where Exiled Predator Armor Styles “Requiem” and “Nova” were using the same swatch
    • Fixed an issue where the Steam exclusive Exiled Armor skin was displaying the incorrect pattern
    • Fixed an issue where the Falconer Predator and Mr. Black’s predlocks were not displaying properly
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the Predator to equip the War Club variant Hook while in Predkour
  • Weapons
    • Hand Held Plasma Caster
      • Increased Base Damage
      • Increase Splash Damage
      • Increased Magazine Size

Source: Illfonic forums

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