“Prey” Movie’s Shield and Tomhawk Inspired by God of War, Director “Extremely” Excited for Ragnarok

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The newly released movie “Prey” has been the talk of the town in the entertainment industry because of how critically acclaimed it was. Recently in an interview, Prey’s director Dan Trachtenberg revealed how the protagonist’s and antagonist’s gear were directly influenced by Sony Santa Monica’s God of War, and how excited he is for the sequel, God of War Ragnarok to launch.

This was revealed in a recent interview with CassiusLife, where the Dan Trachtenberg confirmed that the Predator’s shield in the film and Naru’s tomahawk were both inspired by the God of War 2018 video game. Trachtenberg also mentioned that he’s “extremely” excited for God of War Ragnarok, too.

Dan Trachtenberg states:

“The answer is extremely…It was the Predator’s shield (that was inspired by Kratos’ shield) and it was her (Naru’s) tomahawk that she makes (that was inspired by Kratos’ axe), because she throws it and pulls it back, it was very much inspired by that game (God of War).”

You can watch Trachtenberg’s quote in the video below:

It looks like Dan Trachtenberg and all of us will be able to experience another journey with Kratos when God of War Ragnarok launches on November 9, 2022 for PS5 and PS4.

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