“Project Bloom,” an Action-Adventure Game by Game Freak and Private Division Announced; First Concept Art Revealed

project bloom

Japanese developer Game Freak may be a video game company that most people associate with the highly successful Pokemon franchise, but a recent announcement has revealed that the studio is working on a brand-new IP. Titled “Project Bloom,” the action-adventure game is set to be published by Private Division.

In celebration of the partnership, some concept art of the game has been released. The artwork features a lush forest surrounded by tall trees and roots, with warm yellow lighting emanating from the distance. A lone figure is seen standing in the middle of what seems to be a pond.

Here’s what Game Freak Director Kota Furushima had to say about the partnership:

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create new IP that is bold and tonally different from our prior work. From the beginning, Private Division was the publisher we wanted to work with on our new game. Their track record and global expertise give us all the confidence to create a sweeping new action-adventure game that we can’t wait to share more about in the future.

Though many gamers know of Game Freak’s many Pokemon titles, the company has also worked on other IPs over the years, with recent examples being a puzzle platformer in “Giga Wrecker” and an RPG title in “Little Town Hero.” Project Bloom is still in early development, so we won’t have a release date just yet, but the press release of the partnership states that it is expected to launch within Take-Two’s Fiscal Year 2026. The company’s fiscal year runs from April 2025 to March 2026, so the game may come out within that 12-month window.

Once more information on Project Bloom gets released in the future, we’ll keep you updated.

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