Project Cars 3 Announced, Out Summer 2020

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Slightyly Mad Studios is back in the driver’s seat once again with Project Cars 3, the next installment in the racing series. Out this summer 2020, check out the Project Cars 3 trailer below.

Project Cars 3 will come with 200 road and race cars, 140 global circuits with 24-hour cycles, and feature “all-4-season, all-weather” racing.

Here’s some of the new features headed to the franchise:

New to the best-seller franchise is an engaging and challenging Career Mode that will see drivers own their stable of exclusive machinery for the first time. Drivers will need to race hard to upgrade their cars with authentic performance parts that realistically affect handling and power as they battle their way up to the top of the racing world.

Also new to the franchise is a wide range of customisation options for cars, including wheels, tyres, rims, and more, as well as personalisation options that will let players create their racing hero persona.

The seasoned racing game developers at Slightly Mad Studios have worked tirelessly to make Project CARS 3 the most accessible entry in the franchise’s history to cater for all drivers no matter their skill level. A completely redeveloped controller experience, fully scalable assists, a revamped model for even more convincing and fun handling, and a whole new, fun First Time User Experience will allow everyone—from franchise veterans to sim-racing pros to rookie drivers—to fully experience the authenticity of pure racing.

Project Cars 3 races onto the PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer 2020.